16-Channel Digital Video Recorder Uses H.264 Video Compression Algorithms

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering this 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder which helps to transform a traditional CCTV surveillance system into IP surveillance network. It is suitable for both residential and commercial needs and can be used in banks, corporations, small businesses, gas stations, schools, and agencies to reduce crime and other unwanted activities.

This real time digital video recorder, model A0420002, can support up to 16 cameras and can be integrated into your current security system. It is embedded with high performance video processing chips and an embedded Linux system. This professional security device utilizes advanced H.264 video compression algorithms to achieve for excellent video quality while minimizing file size and increasing network transfer speeds.

Using integrated alarm I/O, it sends out an alarm to notify the surveillance administrator when detecting an event such as motion detection. Recordings are compatible with NTSC or PAL format. It provides 25 F/S/CH (PAL) and 30 F/S/CH (NTSC) frame display rate. For video recording, it features 16 channel inputs (BNC) and 2 channel outputs (1BNC and 1VGA), and the data is searchable by event, date, time and channel. In regard to audio recording, it features 16 channel synchronous inputs and 1 channel synchronous output.

It is compliant with multiple protocols such as DDNS, TCP/IP, and DHCP and offers backup modes including CD/DVD-RW or USB. In various surveillance applications via RS-485 interface, this DVR is capable of controlling most types of PTZ protocols. In addition, it can be not only controlled via front panel and remote controller, but also be operated by USB mouse.

This DVR belongs to GAO’s family of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).This line of DVRs includes a variety of DVRs featuring different channels such as 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder which provides real time recording and PTZ control and 8CH Digital Video Recorder.

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