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Parallel Data Acquisition Card Features High Reliability and Stability

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its parallel data acquisition card. It is ideal for applications such as transient signal recording, refined frequency synthesis, multi-channel parallel acquisition and time-phase-sensitive acquisition.

This parallel data acquisition card, model A0K10002, offers four parallel channels with an independent 20 MS/s 12-bit A/D converter and four independent programmable gain amplifiers for each channel.

The data acquisition card features high accuracy with phase consistency. It boasts a maximum sampling depth of up to 16 MS/s per channel and refined sampling rate from 100 S/s to 20 MS/s. The voltage signal acquisition ranges from ±100 mV to ±20 V. The card has triggering sources including software (manual), internal and external triggering. In addition, it features dynamic download and remote upgrade service and cascades multiple channels for system integration.

This parallel data acquisition card belongs to GAO’s family of PCI Data Acquisition Cards. A more advanced and higher-end model in this line is A0K10003 which provides a maximum A/D sampling rate of 50 Ms/s, and lower-end model in the family is A0K10004. This family provides ideal solution for the formation of multi-channel virtual instrument systems.

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