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Portable Power Quality Analyzer Easily Removes Complex Power Quality Problem

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. has launched its portable power quality analyzer which is an ideal tool for harmonic analysis and power quality analysis. It monitors, isolates, and troubleshoots power system disturbances and is well suited for load surveys, monitoring transformer banks and indoor or outdoor electrical monitoring.

This portable power quality analyzer, model A0E40001, measures unbalanced degree of three-phase four-line power systems. It features power factor analysis, harmonic analysis, and load balance analysis functions and also offers powerful software for analysis of long-term running state of electric grids. This high performance power quality analyzer provides real time test data display which is presented in a simple and powerful format and has a large memory capacity of up to 4 MB for long-term data collection and monitoring of electric grids. Test data can be downloaded for further analysis through its USB interface.

With this portable power quality analyzer on hand, any complex power quality problem will be easily and rapidly troubleshot. High maintenance expenses and costly downtime and equipment damage can also be avoided with the reliable power quality analyzer.

This portable power quality analyzer belongs to GAO’s family of Electrical Testers. This line of products also includes Earth Ground Testers such as Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester, Automotive Testers such as 4-Channel Automotive Tester/Diagnostic Oscilloscope, and Battery Testers such as Battery Conductance Tester which is designed to accurately distinguish the health of each cell of a battery in just seconds.

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