Dew Point Meter with Wide Range Temp (High Precision)




GAOTek Dew Point Meter with Wide Range Temp uses an advanced humidity sensor which provides high precision and quick detection, provides wide temperature range.

Key Features

  • Automatic correction for zero setting
  • Large storage
  • Creative display for electric quantity
  • Easy operation and convenient carrying
  • Good repetitiveness and quick responding
  • Single-point type dew point correction
  • Automatic correction for slop ratio
  • Unique big screen display
  • Advanced probe protecting function
  • Pollution and disturbance resisting
  • High sensitivity and good stability
  • High precision and quick responding
  • Small size but intelligent
  • Long-term stable and reliable
  • Data storage and query function
  • Probe is anti-condensation

Technical Specifications

Dew point -112F-140F (-80~+60℃), display volume ratio(ppmv) at the same time
Precision of Dew Point ±0.5℃ when the temperature of dew point is less than 0℃, sensor output is frost point)
Respond time 63%[90%](Gas temperature 20℃, velocity 1L/min, pressure 1bar


Distinguishability dew point 0.1℃ or 0.1ppm
Repetitiveness ±0.2℃
Pressure measure 0-1.0Mpa    electric mass flow meter
Probe protection stainless steel sintering filter
Working voltage 110~220VAC, DC/AC
Protecting grade IP65(NEMA4)
Storage temperature grade -40F-158F  (-40~+70℃)
Output interface USB1.1 standard
Operating environment Temperature: -31F – 140F  (-35~+60℃)

Pressure 0~20bar

Velocity of sample gas: no influence

Other configurations standard managing software, include report form printing, humidity common conversion kit


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