Dew Point Meter with High Performance Transmitter (Data)




GAOTek Dew Point Meter with Film Capacitive Humidity Sensor provides an advanced humidity sensor, zero point and slope self-calibration functions, stores data.

Key Features

  • High performance built-in full compensation film capacitor dew-point sensor
  • Zero point and slope self-calibration after start, dew point calibration by single point way for full range (patent technology)
  • Sensor dry protection device (patent technology)
  • Unique gas circuit design, good gas tightness and permeability, water resistance.
  • Large screen TFT liquid crystal displays dew point value and the correspondingRH % relative humidity value, PPM moisture value
  • Color touch screen control, Chinese/English operation menu
  • Measurement data storage and query
  • Intelligent power prompt, intelligent charging protection
  • Lithium battery offers power supply long standby


Technical Specifications

Measurement of dew point -112F-68F  (-80~+20℃ )

When the dew point temperature is lower than0℃,

the output of sensor is frost point


Typical precision higher than±2℃
Response time (Td) When the gas temperature is 20℃:

-60→-20℃     5s (63%),10s (90%)

-20→-60℃     45s(63%),10min(90%)


Operation environment Temperature        -4F-140F  (-20~+60℃)

Relative humidity 0~100%RH(non condensation)

Pressure              0~20 bar


Parameters of complete appliance: Working flow    no influence

Power supply    built-in lithium battery (7.2V 8000mAh), AC/DC

Using time       >10 h

Digital output     RS232C

Dimensions     11.81in x 11.02in x 5.91in


Weight          11.02lbs  ( About 5kg)



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