GAOTek Coating Thickness Gauge Tester

This Coating Thickness Gauge tester has measuring range of 10µm to 9000µm, dual 1.5V batteries and can work in 104 °F with 600 stats storage ability.



Technical Specifications

Measuring Range  10 µm to 9000 µm
Measuring Accuracy 1 µm
Variation < 3% ± 1 µm
Stats Storage Ability 600 Stats
Power 2 pcs   1.5 V batteries
Screen Auto backlight function
Operating Condition Humidity ≤ 90%,
Temperature: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C)
Smallest Radius for measuring 0.23 in (6 mm) for concave
0.05 in (1.5 mm) for convex
Fundamental Material Diameter 0.27 in (7 mm)
Fundamental Material Thickness 0.01 in (0.5 mm)


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