Coating Thickness Gauge with Non-Magnetic Cover (Light Weight)



Meta description: GAOTek Coating Thickness Gauge measures Nonmagnetic Cover thicknesss, offers statistical value, real time / batch printing and stores 15 measurement.

Key Features

  • TT220: Integrated probe F
  • 2 measurement modes: Continuous / single
  • 5 statistical ways: Mean values / max. Values / min. Values / testing numbers.
  • 15 measurement readings stored
  • Low battery indication
  • Automatically switch off
  • Real time or batch printing with TA230 printer
  • (no.) / standard deviations (

Technical Specifications

Model TT220
Probe types F
Measuring methods: magnetic induction
Measuring range: 0 to 1250 μm
Minimum resolution: 0.1μm(0.1μm when thickness is less than 10μm )
Tolerance : One point calibration ±(3%H+1)
H means the thickness of tested piece
Two points calibration ±[(1~3)%H+1]
H means the thickness of tested piece
Measuring condition Min. curvature radius (mm) Convexity 1.5
Min. testing area diameter (mm) Φ7
Critical thickness of substrate 0.5
Power supply NiCd battery (2pcs)
Working Temperature 32F-104F(0-40°C)
Dimensions 5.9 x 2.08 x 0.8 in (150mm×53mm×22mm)
Weight 0.33lbs.(150g)


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