Coating Thickness Gauge With C Pad (Eddy Current)



GAOTek Coating thickness gauge with C pad measures the thickness of coating using eddy current and magnetic permeability method.

Key Features

  • High accuracy (1%+1).
  • Split design strong applicability measured value stability.
  • Short response time fast measurement speed.
  • 7 kinds of sensors (F400 F1 F1/90 ° F10 N400 N1 CN02) are available to meet customer needs a variety of measurement.

Technical Specifications


Measuring range F400:0~400μm N400:0~400μm

F1:0~1250μm F1/90:0~1250μm

N1:0~1250μm F10:0~10000μm


Calibration method One point calibration / two point calibration / Basic Calibration
Resolution 0.1μm(0-99.9μm)

1μm (over100μm)

   Weight 0.66lb(300g)
Working environment 0 to 122f (0℃~50℃) Humidity:20%~90%
Operation Operation mode

Direct testing and group testing

Power off Manual / auto
Operation indication Musical tones for error
Probe F400/ N400/ F10/ CN02/ F1/90
Input/output Communication / USB


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