GAOTek Digital Spectro Colorimeter



Technical Specifications

Spectral resolution ± 0.2 nm, Reproducibility: ±0.5 nm
Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate (Δx, Δy) ± 0.005
Correlated color temperature CCT 1, 000 K to 100, 000 K (±0.6%)
Illuminance range 5 lx to 200,000 lx
LCD screen 5 in high definition IPS capacitive touch screen and resolution is up to 480 x 854
Battery With 4000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery which can continuously work for 20 hrs.
Dimensions 5.315 in x 3.150 in x 0.906 in (135 mm x 80 mm x 23 mm)


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