GAOTek Eddy Conductivity Tester




GAOTek Eddy Conductivity Tester is designed with an eddy detection method. These products may be used for distinguishing, grading and so forth detecting, on conductivity with non-ferromagnetic metal. These are commonly used in the industries of metallurgy, machinery, electric power, aviation, aerospace, nuclear, military, etc. 



  • Easy to carry about and grasp, it’s convenient for calibration and bring about during going out 
  • Measuring range covers all nonferrous metal materials, 0.51~112%IACS or 0.3~65MS/m  
  •  Excellent design of temperature compensation and calibration style of the instrument enables the operation to be easier and more reliable 
  •  It is equipped with built-in data memory, enough to store 16000 groups of measured data and important measuring parameters. It is connected to a computer for forming a complete report 
  •  This instrument is excellent designed of lift-off compensation to ensure the precision of measurement 
  • There are two kinds of measuring units (MS/m or %IACS) for convenient selection. It is easy to switch to resistivity reading directly on the measurement interface. 
  • It displays simultaneously the measured result, the measuring frequency, the measuring time and so forth important parameters 
  • It is properly designed with back-light illumination for reading measured data in poor-light environment. 


Technical Specification

Working frequency  60 KHz 
Measurement range for conductivity  0.51% IACS to 112% IACS, or 0.3 MS/m to 65 MS/m, or resistivity 0.0154 to 3.3333 Ω·mm²/m 
Resolving power  0.01% IACS (when when<51%IACS); 0.1%IACS (from 51% IACS to 112% IACS) 
Measuring precision  ±1% reading 
Lift-off effect  Compensation 0.1 mm 
Function of auto-compensation  Measured result of conductivity, adjusting to value at temp. 200  automatically 
Humidity  0 to 95% 
Display  Medium size screen, displaying conductivity, frequency, time 
Power Supply  Equipped with best performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery 
Sensor  One sensor of diameter ¢14 mm, working freq. 60 kHz 
Reading memory  It is available to store up to16000 groups of measured data 
Communication with PC  RS232 serial interface 
Temperature range  32 °F to +932 °F (0  to +500 ) 
Dimension  6.69 in x 3.46 in x 1.96 in (170 mm x 88 mm x 50 mm) 
Weight  0.66 lb (300 g) 


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