GAOTek High-Accuracy Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detector

This High-Accuracy Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detector has temperature range of -4 °F to 122 °F, resolution range of 0.1 ppm to 1 ppm, can detect up to 4 kinds of gases and response time less than 8 s.




  • 10 gear adjustable flow
  • Stable service life
  • Low noise
  • Customize gas measuring range for different tests
  • The detection is more accurate
  • Disassemble at will
  • Double-layer pipeline
  • Spring protection


Technical Specifications

Gas Detected Hydrogen H2
Detection principle Electrochemical principles
Measure Range 0 ppm to 1000 ppm,2000 ppm,5000 ppm,0 ppm to 10000 ppm, 20000 ppm,40000ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppm, 1 ppm
Sensor life 2 years to 3years
Precision 2% FS
Sampling method Built-in stable flow pump, flow range: 0 ML/Min to 500 ML/Min
Modular structure Can detect up to 1 to 4 kinds of gases
Concentration unit ppm, mg/m3, %VOL, %LEL, can be switched by one button
Display 3.5 in (88.9 mm) color display, resolution 320 x 480
Display mode Multiple display modes select-able: multi-channel data mode,
multi-curve mode, single channel + single curve mode
Data storage Standard 16 M capacity storage function can save up to 100000 groups of data.
Can be directly connected to the computer through USB, quickly download stored data, EXCEL format
Wireless transmission (optional) Bluetooth (with printer), ZigBee, built-in DTU wireless module (optional)
Print Built-in printer or external Bluetooth printer (optional with
extra charge)
Operating language Chinese and English
Battery capacity 3800 mA rechargeable
Charging interface USB charging interface, 5 V/2 A standard charger
Filter device Equipped with a multi-layer filter to efficiently filter oil, water
and dust.
Wireless network Bluetooth (with print function), ZigBee, Lora+ (relay DTU),
DTU (optional with extra charge)
Network frequency Lora (470 M), DTU (2.4 G) (optional with extra charge)
Wireless trans. distance Lora 62,992 in (1.6 km), DTU (unlimited) (optional with extra charge)
Response Time ≤8 S
Repeatability ≤±1%
Zero shift ≤±1% (F.S / Year)
Operating temperature -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to 50 °C)
(optional flue gas sampling probe, up to 1112 °F (600 °C) ,2192 °F (1200 °C)
smoke concentration)
Working humidity 0% RH to 95% RH (no condensation) (high humidity can be
selected with filter drying device)
Explosion-Proof Exic II CT3, GC
Alarm mode Buzzer, LED and alarm status prompt on the display, fault
alarm, pump abnormal alarm, battery low battery alarm, shutdown alarm, fall alarm (optional with extra charge)
Recovery Time ≤10 S
Linearity error ≤±1%
Degree of protection IP66
Standard accessories Manual, warranty card, power charger, carrying case,
water and oil filter, data cable
Optional accessories Bluetooth printer, pressure sensor, high temperature rod,
Metal extension rod, Bendable rod, Silicone hose, dry filter device, PC download software
Dimensions 10.63 in x 2.95 in x 1.61 in (270 mm x 75 mm x 41 mm)
Weight 0.88 lb (400 g)


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