GAOTek Medical Blood Test Machine

This Medical Blood Test machine has 232 communication interfaces, power supply of AC 220 V ±22 V or AC 110 V ±11 V, and 25-bit Sampler System.




  • The program control is used for test, calibration, and monitor of electrode status
  • The instrument is equipped with intelligent monitoring sensors
  • It is convenient and simple for users.


Technical Specifications

Data storage 10000
Communication interface 232 interfaces
Display 240 x 64 LCD Liquid crystal display, black light
Automatic sampler system 25-bit sampler system for option (20 samples, 2 QC, 1 emergency case, 1 washing)
Measuring method ISE. TCO adopts pressure to measuring method
Working condition Temperature: 41 °F to 104 °F (5 °C to 40 °C)
Power supply AC 220 V ±22 V or AC 110 V ±11 V, 50 HZ to 60 HZ, 50 W
size 16.06 in x 15.35 in x 9.06 in

(408 mm x 390 mm x 230 mm)

Weight 19.84 lb (9 kg)


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