GAOTek Poct Immunoassay Analyzer Hormones Analyzer

This Poct Immunoassay Analyzer has LED excitation light, high sensitivity, rapid testing. Quantitative detection of multiple materials.




  • uses an LED as the excitation light source. The light from the LED hits a test device that has been inserted in the instrument. This causes the fluorescence dye in the test device to give off energy. The more energy the fluorescent dye gives off, the stronger the signal.
  • After a buffer-mixed sample is added to the test device, the test device is inserted into the. The instrument measures the concentration of the analyte based on a pre-programmed calibration process.  can only accept test devices that are designed specifically for use with this instrument.
  • The instrument can simultaneously carry out the quantitative detection of single or multiple


Technical Specifications

Speed 100 T/H
Screen 8” LCD Capacitive touch screen
Weight 7.2 lb (3.3 kg)
Instrument Input 15 V (with a 7800 mAh built-in battery)
Dimension 9.4 in x 10.9 in x 5.8 in (239 mm x 278 mm x 148 mm)
System Linux
Storage Capacity 50000 test results
Printer Built-in thermal printer, also support for external printer: HP 1010 or 1020 or 1108
Temperature 50 °F to 86 °F (10 °C to 30 °C)
Humidity 10 % to 80 %
Atmospheric Pressure 12.482 PSI to 15.366 PSI (86 kPa to 106 kPa)



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