GAOTek Portable Soil PH Meter

This Portable Soil PH Meter has a temperature range of 41 °F to 113 °, a pH range of 0 PH to 14 PH, and response time of less than 10 s.




  • Simple soil testing with sensor connection
  • Fast, low-cost, and convenient measurements
  • Compact, lightweight design fits in toolbox
  • 7-in-1 sensor pH, temp, humidity
  • Readable large color display screen
  • 200,000 data storage capacity
  • USB export for viewing and history
  • Rechargeable with 14+ days standby


Technical Specification

Supply voltage DC 9 V to 24 V
Output signal RS485/0 v to 5 v /4 mA to 2 mA/0 v to 10 v
Operating Temperature 41 °F to 113 °F (5 ℃ to 45 ℃)
Response time ≤10 s
Operating humidity  15% RH to 90% RH
Adapt pressure Atmospheric pressure ±10%
soil NPK measuring range 0 mg/kg to 1999 mg/kg
soil PH measuring range 0 PH to 14 PH
soil EC measuring range 0 us/cm to 2000 us/cm


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