GAOTek Underground Power Cable Fault Pre-Locator

GAOTek underground power cable fault pre-locator is designed to provide quick, accurate, and safe measurement solutions for underground power cable fault pre-locating.




GAOTek underground power cable fault pre-locator is designed to provide quick, accurate, and safe measurement solutions for underground power cable fault pre-locating. Measure the power cable of different sections, different media of various materials, short circuits, open circuit short line fault, and the low and middle resistance fault. Great for KV substations, civil power supply systems, and power energy source applications. Use the induction method to measure the cable fault waveform, which can be sampled with any high-voltage pulse generator. At the same time, it can be directly connected to our high-voltage pulse generator for direct sampling on the high-voltage side, making the waveform more accurate and analysis easier. 



  • 12.1 in (30.7 cm) industrial computer control 
  • Touch operation mode 
  • Windows operating system 
  • Convenient operation mode 
  • Possess the functions of measuring  
  • Wave velocity and fault distance 
  • Automatic continuous sampling  
  • Timely and accurate waveform capture 
  • The instrument adopts the latest technology of embedded  
  • The industrial computer also has the impact high high-voltage 
  • The flashover method and low voltage pulse method 
  • Screen touch button operation  
  • Button definition Simple and clear 
  • The measurement method is simple and fast 
  • The success rate of fault detection  
  • Test accuracy and test convenience  
  • Superior to any domestic testing equipment 
  • Ultra-high brightness LCD screen as a display terminal  
  • Which can be observed in an environment  
  • Exposed to direct sunlight screen waveform.  
  • The instrument has powerful data processing  
  • Capability and friendly display interface 
  • Massive test waveform storage function 
  • The waveforms tested on-site can be conveniently  
  • Stored in the instrument according  
  • The specified order can be recalled  
  • Observed at any time 
  • With a standard printer USB interface 
  • Simple operation and high reliability 
  • High-cost performance 
  • Built-in polymer lithium battery power supply  
  • Can test cable open circuit  
  • Low resistance short circuit faults   
  • An environment without a power supply 


Technical Specifications

Display 12.1 in (30.7 cm) touch color LCD screen 
Sampling Frequency 400 MHz 
Low Voltage Pulse Amplitude 400 V 
Pulse Width 0.25 uS or 2 uS or 4 uS 
Minimum Resolution 0.32 ft (0.1 m) 
Test Blind Zone ≤32.8 ft (10 m) 
Ranging Range ≥42.2 mi (68 km) 
Test Method Low voltage pulse, ICE (ARC single shot) (high voltage flash over method) 
Measurement Error ≤±(0.5% × L +3.2 ft (1 m)), L is the cable length 
Test Cable Lengths <0.62 mi (1 km) (short distance); <1.86 mi (3 km) (middle distance); >1.86 mi (3 km) (long distance); 
Power Supply Mode Charging AC 110 V to 240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz; Built-in 10400 mAh lithium battery for power supply; 
Working Conditions Ambient temperature: -13 °F to 149 °F (-25 °C to 65 °C); Relative humidity: 90% 


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