GAOTek Waterproof Drone Automatic Irrigation System

This waterproof drone automatic irrigation system has 2.64 ga capacity,13.12-18.04 ft spray width, and 5 ha/hr to 6 ha/hr spray efficiency .



Technical Specifications

Technical Parameter
Capacity 2.64 ga (10 L)
Material Carbon Fiber
Spray Width 13.12-18.04 ft (4-5.5 M)
Spray Efficiency 5 ha/hr to 6 ha/hr
Spread Size 43.31 in x 43.31 in x 23.62 in (110 cm x 110 cm x 60 cm)
Folded Size 27.17 in x 27.17 in x 23.62 in (69 cm x 69 cm x 60 cm)


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