GAOTek Waterproof UAV Agriculture Drone

This waterproof UAV agriculture drone has a 9 min full-load battery life, 19.40 lb weight, wheelbase 46.06 in and versatile foldable design.



Technical Specifications

Technical Parameter
Full- Load Battery Life 9 min
None-Load Battery Life 18 min
Weight 19.40 lb (8.8 kg)
Wheel Base 46.06 in (117 cm)
Open Side 62.20 in x 50.00 in x 18.70 in (158 cm x 127 cm x 47 cm)
Fold Size 23.82 in x 25.20 in x 18.70 in (60 cm x 64 cm x 47 cm)
No-Load Take Off Weight 25.13 lb (11.4 kg)
Full-Load Take Off Weight 38.36 lb (17.4 kg)


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