Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (16GB SDcard,Light Camera)




Key Features

Technical Specifications

Resolution 80×60
Thermal sensitivity 0.08°C/30°C
Viewing of angle /Minimum distance imaging 22°x16°/0.1m
Space resolution 2.2mrad
Focus model Manually focus
Sensor type Uncooled focal plane
Working wave band 8~14um
Measuring temperature perfomance 
Measuring range  -4F-572F  (-20°C~300°C)(Extensible to 1500°C)
Measuring accuracy ±2% or ±2°C
Measuring calibration Radiance 0.1~1.0
Visible light tamera Built-in
Color palette 6
Temperature alam setting Setting High and low temperature alam
Laser indication
Image display/storage performance
Screen specification 3.5″TFT Screen
Image storage Standard 2GB SD card,Max 16GB
Language Chinese and English
File format *.UIR
Video output PAL(50HZ) or NTSC composite video(60Hz)
Environment parament
Strage environment temperature  -40F-158F (-40°C~70°C)
Humidity 95%RH(Non condensation)
Power system
Battery Li battery available
Power 8V~11V DC output
Working mode Double mode
Production accessories
Lens Standard lens
Temperature 1500°C



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