Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Focal Plane Measure)




The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Focal Plane Measure) is a thermal Imaging Camera which combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. The traditional thermal Imaging Camera shall measure each component one by one but this instrument does not need to. Therefore, it helps to save our customers’ time. Even the potential problems can be clearly displayed on the color screen which helps customers quickly locate the central point to measure the cursor and temperature.

To improve recognition, this product is equipped with a vision camera. Based on practical requirements, it can turn thermal images into visional images. Thermal images and visional images can be stored in the dismountable memory card. You can adjust the images and store them in a PC which can be used to generate reports or for printing. This device is easy to operate. After seconds it can be tested. This product is the optimum product for electricians and maintenance personnel. It can quickly find out the problem areas one needs to address.

Key Features

The device offers the following features:

  • Adjustable radiation coefficient
  • reflection background
  • hot spot and cold spot Detector
  • Options of color palette
  • Focal distance
  • Back light Settings
  • LED light
  • Color palette
  • Image mixing
  • Data Hold function

Technical Specifications

Display screen 2.4″ full-angle high resolution; color screen
Resolution of infrared image 60*60 (3600 pixels)
Resolution of visible image 0.3 mega pixels
Field angle/shortest focal distance 20*20/0.5m
Thermal sensitivity 0.3°C
Range of temperature measurement  -4°F to 572°F (-20°C to +300°C)
Accuracy of temperature measurement ±2% or ±2°C (±2% or ±4°F )
Emissivity Adjustable 0.1-1.0
Image capturing frequency 6Hz
Range of wave length 8-14um
Focal distance Fixed focal distance
Color palette Iron red, rainbow, rainbow high contrast, gray scale (black glow) and gray scale (white glow)
Vision option 25% step infrared to visional to infrared and visional image
Memory card Micro SD card 4GB
File format bmp
Power supply AA battery * 4
Battery life 6 hours
Auto power-off time 12 minutes
Authentication CE (EN61326-1:2006)
Dimension of product (L*W*FI) 212mm*95mm*62mm / 8.35inchx 3.7inchx2.44inch
Weight 320q
Warranty period 1 years
Operating temperature 23°F to ±104°F (-5°C to ±40°C)
Storage temperature -4°F to ±122°F(-20°C to ±50°C)
Relative humidity 10% RH to 80% RH

How to use


The measured temperature of the center of pixel is displayed in the upper left corner of display screen. The setting of radiation coefficient is also displayed in the upper right corner of display screen. Move the product until hot spot or cold spot coincides with the center of pixel. Direct the product to the object whose temperature is higher or lower than the surrounding temperature to get the optimum measured results.



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