Small Diameter Sterilizer (Long Length of Sterilizer)



Key Features

  • Based on the principle of infrared, these apparatus are widely used in loop or inoculating needle sterilization, completely replacing the previous method of using an alcohol lamp.
  • The heating temperature of the device can reach up to 800℃(1472F); sterilization only takes 5-7 seconds. Products can be used in the anaerobic chamber.
  • Small in stature, light weight, attractive appearance, and easy to clean. Heating body can adjust angles for easy operation.
  • Organic substances in the ceramic funnel pipe are incinerated to prevent infectious spatter and cross contamination.
  • Precise temperature control technology; the heating components do not overload, promoting long life.

Technical Specifications

The Center High-Temperature 825℃± 50℃(1517F± 122F)
Standby Constant Temperature 480℃(896F)
The Max-Diameter Of Sterilizer Goods Φ14mm(0.551181 inch)
The Length Of Sterilizer 140mm(5.51181 inch)

Power Supply:






Working Condition Temperature:





Relative Humidity:




Net Weight 1.3Kg


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