Spectrophotometer with Wide Range (High Accuracy)



Key Features

  • Designed excellent optical system
  • High-performance holographic blazed grating
  • The instrument of low stray light
  • Double beam metering system, with advanced circuit tt&c system
  • Automatic control systems, advanced design concepts to ensure that instrument with high reliability and stability
  • Removable structure of sample room design, easy to replace different attachments, to satisfy different analysis demand
  • Capacious open source chamber design, make the light source change more convenient
  • Key components are of high quality, guarantee the high reliability of the instrument performance

Technical Specifications

Wavelength range: 190~1100nm
Spectral bandwidth: 2nm
Wavelength accuracy: <= +/-0.1 nm (656.1nm D2); <= +/-0.3nm (full wavelength range)
Wavelength repeatability: <= 0.1 nm
Photometric accuracy: 0.3%T
Photometric rang: -0.4A-4A
Stray light: <= 0.05%T
Stability: +/- 0.001A/h
Baseline flatness: <= +/- 0.001A
Drift: <= +/- 0.0004 Abs/h
Scanning speed: Fast, Mid, Slow
Wavelength setting method: automatically
Detector: Silicon photovoltaic
Light source: Imported long-life tungsten lamp and Deuterium Lamp,
Display: 320*240 LCD
Data output: USB Export
Printer: Optional
Analysis Software: Standard accessories
Input power: AC220/50Hz or AC 110/60Hz
Weight: 28kg


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