Turbidimeter with Data Storage (Quick Automatic Correction)




Key Features 

  • AC & DC power supply, low power consumption, cabinet and handsome contour design, facilitating field and lab use;
  • Adopting big-screen highly transparent LCD display, with comfortable reading, and free of ill influence from sunlight;
  • The configuration with the high-automatic & multi-function microcomputer, equipped with the RS232 serial communication interface to connect the printer.
  • The imbedded clock memory & storage system can store the measurement & correction data in real time, and can store and transfer 20 groups of the measurement data for long time, and can be used for the historic reference.
  • The quick automatic correction, with the prompt of the self-diagnosis information, rapid and stable response, reliable maintenance-free operation

Technical Specifications

Minimum readout(NTU) 0.001
Measuring range 0-10



Basic error F.S ±6%(±2%F.S)
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Zero draft(NTU) ±0.5%F.S



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