GAO Tek 2-Channel TTL Relay Board

This 2-channel TTL relay board provides three different relay coil voltages (5, 12, 24 VDC) allowing you to switch high-current loads.




This 2-channel TTL relay board provides three different relay coil voltages (5, 12, 24 VDC) for selection allowing you to switch high-current loads such as AC appliances and motors. The relay coil voltage you select does not affect what voltage is needed for the input control signals and also has no effect on the voltages you can switch with the relay contacts. This board offers two SPDT relays with convenient screw terminal connections for the inputs and contacts. It also includes active driver circuitries which allow lower current input signals (such as 5 V TTL) to be used. The relay contacts are electrically isolated from the rest of the board, making the board a valuable tool for such applications using AC and DC loads. The status of each relay is indicated visually by LEDs. In addition, with this relay board, any logic-level signal (5 V) or higher-voltage signal (up to 30 V) can be used to control a relay.

Key Features

  • LED indicator for each relay
  • Two SPDT relays and drivers
  • Accepts TTL logic level inputs
  • Relay contacts rated for 15 A at 250 VAC
  • Screw terminals and 0.1” header for input control signals (either can be used)
  • Screw terminals for outputs (accepts 12-24 AWG wire)
  • Screw terminals and DC power jack for power input (either can be used)
  • Rubber feet or DIN rail mount
  • Convenient for CNC projects

Technical Specifications

Electrical Characteristics
Model 5 V 12 V 24 V
DC Power Supply Input Range 4.8 V to 7.5 V 11 V to 16 V 20 V to 28 V
Nominal Relay Coil Current per Activated Relay 65 mA 37 mA 21 mA
Maximum Leakage Current 0.1 mA
Minimum Turn-off Threshold for Input Control Signals 0.7 V
Maximum Turn-on Threshold for Input Control Signals 2.7 V
Maximum Allowable Input Control Signal Voltage 30 V
Input Control Signal Current Requirement, Typical (per channel) Input signal at 2.7 V: 0.78 V
Input signal at 5.0 V: 1.95 V
Relay Contact Rating at 250 V AC 15 A
Operating Conditions
Ambient Temperature Range -25 °C to 75 °C
Relative Humidity Range 5% to 85% RH, non-freezing, non condensing
Screw Terminal Wire Sizes
Input Control Signals and Power 16 AWG to 26 AWG
Relay Contacts 12 AWG to 24 AWG


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