GAOTek Handheld Digital pH Meter

This Handheld Digital pH meter has a temperature range of 14 °F to 104 °F, a frequency range of 40 Hz and a 9.6 V rechargeable battery.



Technical Specification

Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack 9.6 V, backup charger.
Battery indicator Battery symbol shows dump energy. When the voltage is too low, automatic shutdown after 1 minute.
Power consumption Current consumption of normal test 490 mA, continuous working for 8 hours.
Display mode LCD color screen, 640 dots × 480 dots, 5.6 inches, display domain: 4.56 in x 3.46 in (116 mm × 88 mm.)
Size of clamp 10 A small sharp current clamp: 0.29 in x 0.51 in (7.5 mm × 13 mm);

100 A circle current clamp: 1.37 in x 1.57 in (35 mm × 40 mm);

1000 A circle current clamp: 2.67 in x 2.67 in (68 mm × 68 mm.)

6000 A Flexible Coil Current Sensor (with Integrator): 11.8 in (300 mm)

Instrument dimensions 9.44 in x 6.69 in x 2.67 in (240 mm×170 mm× 68 mm.)
Number of channels 4U/4I.
Phase-to phase voltage 1.0 V to 2000 V.
Phase-to-neutral voltage 1.0 V to 1000 V.
Current 10 A current clamp: 10 mA to 10.0 A;

100 A current clamp: 0.10 A to 100 A;

1000 A current clamp: 1.0 A to 1000 A;

6000 A Flexible Coil Current Sensor (with Integrator): 10 A to 6000 A

Frequency 40 Hz to 70 Hz.
Parameters of electricity W, VA, Var, PF, DPF, cos φ, tan φ.
Energy parameters Wh, Varh, Vah.
Harmonic Order 0 to 50.
Total harmonic distortion Order 0 to 50, each phase.
Expert mode Yes.
Number of Transient records 150 sets.
Voltage flicker Yes.
Starting current mode Yes, 100 seconds.
3 phases unbalance Yes.
Record 300 days (simultaneous recording 20 parameters, record one point every 5 seconds).
Min/Max recorded value Measurement of maximum and minimum values over a period of time.
Alarm 40 different types of parameter selections, 12,800 sets alarm logs.
Peak Yes.
Phasor diagram display Automatically.
Capacity of snapshots 60.
Menu language English/Chinese.
Communication USB.
Automatic switching off When an alarm campaign is initiated or a search for transients, an inrush current capture, or a trend recording is pending or in progress, the device is not automatic switching off.
  In other test mode, 15 minutes without keystrokes, automatic shutdown after prompt 1 minute.
Backlight function Yes, suitable for use at night and in a dark place.
Length of voltage test wire 78.74 in (300 cm)
Length of current sensor wire 118.11 in (200 cm)
Working temperature and humidity 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C); below 80% Rh.
Storage temperature and humidity 14 °F to 140 °F (-10 °C to 60 °C); below 70% Rh.
Input impedance Input impedance of test voltage: 1 MΩ.
Withstand voltage Withstand 3700 V/ 50 Hz sinusoidal AC voltage for 1 minute between instrument wiring and shell.
Insulation Between instrument wiring and shell ≥10MΩ.
Structure Double insulation, with insulation vibration-proof sheath.
Safely rules IEC 61010 1000 V Cat III / 600V CAT IV, IEC61010-031, IEC61326, Pollution degree: 2.







Host: 3.53 lb (1.6 kg) (with battery).
10 A small sharp current clamp: 0.37 lb (170 g) × 4;
100 A circle current clamp: 0.419 (190 g) × 4;
1000 A circle current clamp: 1.12 lb (510 g) × 4;
6000 A Flexible Coil Current Sensor (with Integrator): 0.73 lb (330 g) × 4;
Test wires and power adapter: 2.0 lb (900 g);


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