GAOTek Mini Fiber Optic OTDR Tester

This Mini Fiber Optic OTDR Tester offers 1310/1550 nm wavelength, 28/26 dB dynamic range. Compact size, 5-inch color LCD + touch Screen. USB data interface.



Technical Specifications

Wavelength 1310 nm ± 20 nm / 1550 nm ± 20 nm
Fiber Type G.652
Dynamic Range 28 dB / 26 dB
Event Blind Zone 59 in (1.5 m)
Sampling Points 16 k to 128 k
Data Interface USB
Refresh Rate 3 Hz
Data Storage Internal: 1000 curves; External 4G bit
Weight 2.2 lb (1 kg)
Size 8 in x 4.3 in x 2.2 in (208 mm x 110 mm x 56 mm)
Display 5-inch Color LCD + Touch Screen


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