GAOTek Portable Handheld Oscilloscope



Technical Specification

Horizontal System
Real-time sampling rate 1 GSa/s
Equivalent sampling rate 5 GSa/s
Time base range 1 ns/Div to 10 s/Div (in)
Storage depth (dual channel) 8 Mpts
Storage depth (single channel) 16 Mpts
Vertical System
Bandwidth 150 MHz
Input coupling DC or AC
Input impedance 1 MΩ//16pF
Vertical sensitivity 10 mV/Div to 5 V/Div
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Input withstand voltage range peaks ≤ 250 V
Trigger System
Trigger mode Automatic Normal (ch0 and ch1)
Trigger position 0 % to 100 % sampling depth
Hold-off range 0 s to 1 s
Trigger Type Edge (rising or falling)
Waveform Measurement
Cursor Y-axis and X-axis cursor
Manual measurement width/frequency/period/voltage amplitude
Automatic measurement frequency/period/+duty cycle/-duty cycle/+pulse number rising edge/falling edge/+pulse width/-pulse width/burst pulse width/amplitude/high level/low level /rms/average/peak-to-peak/maximum/minimum/+overshoot/-overshoot
Waveform Display
Time-domain waveforms Real-time waveform acquired in a single shot (high frame rate hardware processing engine)
X-Y mode Lissajous figure
Signal Generation
Waveform type sine/square/triangle/sawtooth wave
Waveform frequency 0 KHz to 100 KHz
Square wave duty cycle 10% to 90%
Waveform amplitude 0 V to 3 V (min Vpp=0.5 V)
Extended Interface
Mini-HDMI Extends acquisition based on other sensors
BNC Extended Current / Differential Probes


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