GAOTek Smart Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with VFL/OPM/OLS

This Smart OTDR 1310 nm / 1550 nm, 22/20 dB dynamic range. With FCPC SCPC connectors, Includes VFL, OPM, OLS. 60 km measure distance, 4-inch ISP display.




  • Two wavelengths: 1310 nm / 1550 nm
  • Touching screen (Optional)
  • Test record can be saved
  • Optical power meter/ optical light source/ visual fault locator/
  • OTDR- -Multi-function tester
  • Editable file name and line
  • Support upgrade
  • 4-inch ISP Display, 800 x 480 pixels, Clear and readable in outdoor sunlight
  • Quick boot, it takes only 2 seconds to test


Technical Specifications

Wavelength 1310 nm / 1550 nm
Dynamic Range 22 dB / 20 dB
Measure Distances Up to 2362000 in (60 km)
Fiber Type SM
Type of Fiber  9 um/125 um single module optic fiber
Connector Type FCPC SCPC
Peak value of laser > 30 mw
Weight 2.2 lb (1 kg)
number of test record saved 100
Battery working time  > 5000 times
Humidity 0% to 85%


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