Gas Detector for CO/H2S/O2/CH4 (3 Alarms, Data Record)


Key Features

  • The use of advanced 32-bit microcontroller as a control unit.
  • One-button operation, simple and reliable.
  • Real-time battery voltage display.
  • Provides real-time residual voltage display.
  • Battery undervoltage tips and automatic shutdown, extend battery life.
  • Replaceable modular sensor.
  • Calibration concentration plant is adjustable, convenient user calibration.
  • High concentrations of combustible gas sensor protection function.
  • Triple sound, light, vibration alarm, attract attention.
  • Integrated data record function and alarm function.
  • Streamlined appearance design, high waterproof and dustproof design (IP65), ABS
  • chemical defense design, beautiful and easy, feel is very strong.
  • Can be set up to adjust stations.
  • Provide real time clock display.
  • Automatic calibration function and reduce the measurement error.
  • Boot self-checking function, integration as TWA and STEL alarm function.

Technical Specifications


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