Gas Detector for CH4/O2/H2S/CO (Electrochemical Sensor)



Key Features

Technical Specifications

Measuring range CH4: (0.00—5.00)%Vol

LEL: (0 ~ 100)%LEL

O2: (0~30.0)%vol, (0~100)%vol

H2S: (0 ~ 100)ppm

CO: (0~1000) ppm

Resolution ratio CH4: 0.01%vol,


O2: 0.1%vol


CO: 1ppm

Sensor Electrochemical and catalytic sensors
Sensor lifetime ≥2year( CO, O2, H2S )

≥1year( LEL, CH4 )

Response time CH4: ≤20S ( T90 ),

LEL: ≤20S ( T90 )

O2: ≤35s(T90),

H2S: ≤45S ( T90 )

CO: ≤45s (T90)

Alarms Audible–buzzer with ≥80dB audible

Visible–flashing red LED, ≥20m visible

Alarm point Fully adjustable
Data logging (optional) Continuous data logging (7 days at

configurable 0.1-10 minutes intervals)

Continuous working time ≥13hours
Display Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)
Battery model PL123450, 3.7V/1500mA
Charging time 4-5 hours
Dust and water resistance IP65
Size & Weight  5.12in x 2.60in x 1.18in


1.10lbs  (500g)

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