ION Meter for Sodium (Black and Multi-parameter measurement)



Key Features

  • Double-row nixie tube: To display μg/L, pNa/mV and temperature simultaneously.
  • Computer-based: To adopt high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and 8usMTtechnology to complete multi-parameter measurement and temperature compensation with high precision and good repeatability
  • High reliability: Single board structure, touch button, no switch knob
  • Input impedance :> 1012Ω
  • High sensitivity: In the static water sample, it can detect 0.2ppb (8pNa)
  • Lasting stability: There is a very stable reading.
  • Waterproof and anti-erosion design
  • Network function: RS232 bi-directional communication, equipped with a printer or TLab8.0
    communications and data processing software.

Technical Specifications

Display Double-row nixie tubes display
Measuring range 0.2 ug/L~23000mg/L,0.00 Pna~8.00 PNa. -1000~ +1000 mV. 0~99.9°C
Resolution 0.1 ug/L; 0 .1 mV, 0.1°C
Repeatability reading ± 2.5%
Accuracy reading ± 2.5%, ±0 .2 mV, ±0.3°C
Continuous stability time >100 seconds
Detection lower limit 0 .2 ug/L (8pNa)
Input impedance >1012Ω
Temperature compensation
automatic/manual 32 ~ 212°F
Response speed 32 seconds (25°C) or 50 seconds (15°C)
Communication interface RS232 bi-directional communication
Power supply AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz, external power supply
Power-down memory > 5 years
Calibration mode One-point calibration, two-point calibration
Working conditions ambient temperature: 32-140°F; relative humidity <≤ 194


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