PH Meter with High Precision (3000 Data Store and Single Board)


Key Features

  • Computer based: It adopts CPU high-performance chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMTtechnology to complete multipara meter measurement, temperature compensation and
  • instrument self-checking.
  • it is also featured by high precision and good repeatability. High Reliability: Single board structure, touch button, no switch knob.
  • 25°C (37.85°F) Conversion: Nernst electrode slope temperature compensation, 25°C (77°F) conversion of pure water and ultrapure water with addition of ammonia. Input Impedance > 1012Ω
  • Electrode diagnosis: Multi-calibration methods, EO and S queries, monitoring electrode
  • performance
  • Standard liquid temperature auto conversion: The temperature curve of the standard liquid is prestored; in the time of calibration, the standard solution pH at the set temperature is
  • automatically converted.
  • Network function: RS232 bidirectional communication, which can be equipped with a printer or
  • 0Communications and data processing software
  • Historical data: 3000 data can be stored.
  • Notepad: 200 messages can be recorded.
  • Built-In real-time clock: Providing a variety of functional time references.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range


0~14.00pH, l999~+1999mV, 0~99.9°C (0~ 211.82°F)




0.001 PH, 0.1 mV, 0.1°C (32.18°F)


Input impedance


Communication interface RS232 bidirectional communication
Output 0 1400mV, 1mV / O. 01 PH
External power supply operating condition Ambient temperature 60°C(140°F); relative humidity ≤90%


Power supply AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1 Hz
Power down memory >5 years; Clock accuracy: ± l minutes / month
Calibration method One-point calibration, two-point calibration, manual input of E0 and S


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