Manometer with Temp Compensation (USB Communication)

This Manometer with Temp Compensation (USB Communication) is designed to measure the pressure for the measuring range of ±10 kPa and can be widely used in measuring the pressure of fans, resistance, wind velocity etc.




GAOTek Manometer with Temp Compensation (USB Communication) is designed to measure the pressure for the measuring range of ± 10 kPa. It can be widely used in measuring the pressure of fans, resistance, wind velocity, oven pressure, differential pressure of filter and monitoring the gas content in the air in process of combustion. This manometer offers the environmental temperature compensation. It has the record function to record the MAX/MIN/AVG values. The manometer is connected with PC to read and export the data via USB port.

Key Features

  • Supports environmental temperature compensation function.
  • Digital LCD screen.
  • Data hold function
  • Supports differential mode and record mode
  • 11 selectable pressure units.
  • USB port
  • Data save and data adjustment
  • Low battery indication and automatic power off

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range ± 10 kPa
Accuracy ± 0.3 % FSO 77 °F (25 °C)
Repeatability ± 0.2 % (Maximum ± 0.5 % FSO)
Maximum Pressure 50 kPa
Linearity/Hysteresis ± 0.29 % FSO
Response 0.5 seconds
Positive Overload Indication Err1
Negative Overload Indication Err2
USB Communication Yes
Power Supply 1.5 V AAA battery
Dimension 2.95 in × 1.5 in × 6.8 in (75 mm × 38 mm × 172 mm)
Weight 24.7 oz. (700 g)
Storage Temperature 14 °F to 140 °F (-10 °C to 60 °C)
Operating Temperature 32 °F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C)

Additional Information

There are following 11 selectable pressure units:

Bar, mbar, kPa, kgf/cm², mmHg, cmH2O, Ozf/in², psi, inHg, inH2O, ftH2O

Unit Range Resolution Maximum Pressure
bar 0.100 0.001 0.500
mbar 100.0 0.1 500.0
kPa 10.0 0.01 50
Kgf/cm2 0.101 0.001 0.509
mmHg 75.0 0.1 375
cmH2O 101.9 0.1 509.5
Ozf/in2 23.20 0.01 116.00
psi 1.450 0.001 7.251
inHg 2.95 0.01 14.76
inH2O 40.1 0.1 200.5
ftH2O 3.34 0.01 16.70


Widely applied in measuring the pressure of

  • Fans
  • Resistance
  • Wind
  • Velocity
  • Oven pressure
  • Differential pressure of filter
  • Monitoring the gas content in the air


  1. LCD
  2. Pressure input
  3. DIF mode key
  4. Unit shift key
  5. Backlight key
  6. HOLD key
  7. Record key
  8. Power key


  1. Data hold function
  2. Record mode
  3. USB communication
  4. Low battery indication
  5. DIF mode
  6. Minimum/maximum value
  7. Main display
  8. Pressure unit
  9. Record time

Definition of pressure

The pressure refers to the intensity of pressure and the force applied on a square unit.

  • Absolute pressure: Difference between the reading and the absolute zero.
  • Positive pressure means that the right pressure is bigger than the left one.
  • Negative pressure means that the left pressure is bigger than the right one.


How to operate:

  1. Power

Press ON/OFF key to turn the unit on or off.

  1. Difference

Press the DIF key to display the value. The value is the difference between the current pressure and the pressure value. When press the DIF key, the DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE displayed on LCD

  1. HOLD Key:
  • Press HOLD key to hold the reading on the LCD with a “HOLD” icon displayed on the upper left corner of LCD.
  • Press HOLD key again to go back to normal measuring state.
  1. Record Key

To review MAX/MIN/AVG values under record mode.

  • Press the REC key and the character “RECORD” shows on the LCD. All the keys except ON/OFF key and backlight will be locked, and time counter works with the current time shows on LCD.
  • Press the REC key again, MAX shows on LCD and the maximum value and its pickup time will be shown on the LCD
  • Press the REC key once again, MIN shows on the LCD and the minimum value and its pickup time also be shown on the LCD.
  • Press REC key again, an average value shows with AVG character.
  • Press REC again to show the maximum, minimum and average value repeatedly in order.
  • Press the REC key for 2 seconds to exit record mode.
  1. Backlight

Press the backlight key to activate it.

  1. Auto turn-off

 If there is not any further operation on the key within 1 minute, the unit will turn off automatically. This function can be cancelled by pressing on the HOLD key for a while and then turn the device on until “no” appears on the LCD.

  1. Unit

Press the UNIT key to show 11 units for option.

  1. USB

 Built-in USB port allows connection with PC.

  1. Error

If there is any mistake in the reading, it displays on the LCD as follows

(1) Err1: Pressure beyond positive range

(2) Err2: Pressure beyond negative range

(3) Err3: DIF difference beyond position limit

(4) Err4: DIF difference beyond negative limit

Reset and calibration


Pressure difference should read zero after turn on the device, if not, reset the device as the steps below:

Press the DIF key and DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE shows on the LCD, meanwhile hold on pressing on the “HOLD key” for about 3 seconds until the zero appears which indicates the reset is done, release the “HOLD key” and backlight key to return to normal measure mode.


In operation, if there is any error between the device and your standard, please calibrate it as the steps below:

  1. Power on.
  2. Hold on pressing the HOLD key and backlight key for about 3 seconds until the reading “1.00” shows on LCD with its unit “kPa” that is inner value of the device, which may be ignored by the users and indicates it is under calibration mode and the 2 keys said above could be released.
  3. Press on the DIF key to increase 1 kPa and hold on pressing the DIF key for 2 seconds to increase the value quicker.

Calibration range

1       00 kPa to 10.00 kPa

2       -1.00 kPa to -10.00 kPa

  1. Press the HOLD key after selecting the desired value for calibration and import the differential value into the device.
  2. Press the backlight to exit calibration mode and return to normal measurement mode. If there is any further calibrate using the step 4 and 5.
  3. Restore ex-factory setting

Users may restore the device to ex-factory settings, if the calibration data confused due to mistake in operation.

  • Holding on press the DIF key, HOLD key, backlight key and REC key in the same time
  • Power on the device
  • After full display and 0 appears release the REC key
  • If 00 appears release the backlight key
  • If 000 appears press the backlight key and REC key.
  • If 0000 appears release all the keys and complete the operation
  • After restoring to ex-factory setting, refer to point 1 and point 2 above for reset and calibration if necessary.


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