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PH Meter with Temperature (High Resolution, Accuracy)

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GAOTek pH Meter with Temperature (High Resolution, Accuracy) is designed to measure the solution’s PH and temperature value with manual and automatic temperature compensation.This economical PH Meter provides excellent design, simple, easy to use. It shows both the PH and temperature values together. It offers new, larger LCD which is bright and easy to read. This pH meter comes with temperature sensor and works in automatic temperature compensation.

Key Features

  • Manual calibration for offset and slope
  • Automatic compensate the error when temperature change during measurement.
  • User selectable Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) or Manual Temperature Compensation (MTC).
  • Large LCD easy to read the measurements
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries, can be carried out for outdoor measuring
  • Temperature can be displayed as °C or °F

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range
pH pH: 0.00 ~ 14.00
Temperature 14 °F ~ 212 °F (−9.9 °C ~ 99.9 °C)
pH pH: 0.01 pH
Temperature °F: ±1 °F
°C: ±0.1 °C
pH pH: ±0.05 pH
Temperature °C: ±1 °C
°F: ±2 °F
Calibration 1 point or 2 point
Power DC 9 V   100 mA
Operating Temperature 32 °F ~ 140 °F (0 °C ~ 60 °C)
Operating Humidity 95 %
Dimension 8 in ×  7.8 in × 3 in (208 mm× 200 mm × 76 mm)
Weight 13.75 oz. (390 g)

Additional Information


°F (°C) PH4.00 PH6.86 PH9.18
32 (0) 4.01 6.98 9.46
41 (5) 4.00 6.95 9.39
50 (10) 4.00 6.92 9.33
59 (15) 4.00 6.90 9.28
68 (20) 4.00 6.88 9.23
77 (25) 4.00 6.86 9.18
86 (30) 4.01 6.85 9.14
95 (35) 4.02 6.84 9.10
104 (40) 4.03 6.84 9.07
113 (45) 4.04 6.83 9.04
122 (50) 4.06 6.83 9.02
131 (55) 4.07 6.83 8.99
140 (60) 4.09 6.84 8.97
149 (65) 4.11 6.84 8.95
158 (70) 4.12 6.85 8.93
176 (80) 4.16 6.86 8.89
194 (90) 4.20 6.88 8.86
203 (95) 4.22 6.89 8.84

Interfaces and Switch:

This instrument has 3 functional interfaces and each of them is only to fit with its own plug.

  • 【POWER】 power interface
  • 【PH/ORP】 electrode interface
  • 【TEMP】 temperature sensor interface
  • 【ON/OFF】power switch
  • 【°C /℉】°C or ℉ switch


  • Turns on the PH electrode, the temperature sensor and the power source. Turn the meter ON by pressing the ON/OFF switch.
  • Remove the electrode protective cap and then submerge the PH electrode and the temperature probe into the sample to be tested.
  • Stir gently and wait for the stability symbol.
  • After use, rinse the electrode with clean water, replace the electrode protective cap.

PH Calibration:

  • Pour a small quantity of PH6.86 and 4.01(or PH9.18) solution into clean beakers.
  • For a particularly accurate calibration, it is advised to use two beakers for each buffer solution. The first is to be used for rinsing the electrode and the second is to be used for the calibration. In this way, the risks of contaminating the buffer solution are reduced to a minimum.
  • Switch on the instrument. Press the PH key to display the PH measurement.
  • Immerse the PH electrode and temperature probe into PH 6.86 buffer solution and then shake briefly.
  • Regulate the trimmer (PH7) found in the lower left position with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.
  • Immerse the electrode into a PH4.01 or PH9.18 buffer solution and briefly shake the electrode.
  • After about one minute, regulate the trimmer (PH4) found in the lower left position until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.
  • The calibration of the instrument’s PH range is now complete.


The instrument’s PH range must be re-calibrated whenever.

  • The electrode has been replaced.
  • Approximately one mouth has passed from the last calibration.
  • The electrode has been used in particularly taxing conditions.
  • The utmost accuracy is required.


  1. Keep the electrode pin dry and clean.
  2. Wash the electrode every time before you use. Then put PH electrode in 3mol/L KCL solution.
  3. The PH electrode which is use to measure solution should not be dipped in distilled water, protein solution or other solution for long time.
  4. In case of abnormal phenomena such as high measured value, no zero resetting, etc, please immerse the EC electrode in alcohol for cleaning.


This instrument is guaranteed from all defects in material and production for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If during these periods the repair or the replacement of the instrument is required and the damage is not due to negligence or erroneous operation by the user, please return the instrument to either your dealer or to our offices and the repair will be effected free of charge.

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