GAO Tek’s Fixed 4 Port Reader

This fixed four port reader is optimized for full portal installation.




This fixed four port reader is optimized for full portal installation and provides full power to up to 4 antennas, full network interfaces, Gen 2 DRM management and high speed read rates. It employs an INTEL® ATOMTMprocessor to offer exception performance. The reader can operate in several different regions and meets regulatory environments (North America, Europe, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan). Additionally, GPRS data transmission is available. These features, together with its compact and versatile form factor, make it an excellent choice for vehicle applications, on smart shelves or displays and in any installation requiring RFID remote data exchange.

Key Features

  • Multi-Regional Support: ETSI EN 302 208, FCC part 15, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
  • Integrated GPRS modem (optional)
  • EPC C1 G2, ISO 18000-6C Compliant
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Host Port
  • Internal MicroSD slot
  • Ideal for: vehicle access control systems; pick and put away applications, industrial control, RFID tunnels, portal applications, and point of sales devices

Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency 902 MHz to 928 MHz (FCC part 15)
865.700 MHz to 867.500 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208) Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
Output Power Up to 32 dBm (~1.6 W) conducted
Antenna Connector 4 TNC Reverse Polarity
Antenna Connector Manchester, Biphase, PSK
Frequency Tolerance Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode Management Data rate up to 400 Kbits/s
Channel Occupancy In accordance with both ETSI EN 302 208 and FCC part 15
Standard Compliance EPC C1 G2/ISO 18000-6C
Digital I/O 4 inputs, TTL levels (DB15)
4 outputs, TTL levels (DB15)
Ports RS232 Serial Communication (DB9)
USB 2.0 High Speed Host Port
Ethernet 10/100BASE-T (RJ45)
Wireless Communication GSM/GPRS (SMA) (optional) Wi-Fi (optional via USB host)
Internal Interfaces Micro SD slot SIM card housing (optional)
Dimensions 275 mm × 155 mm × 39 mm3 (10.8 inch × 6.1 inch × 1.5 inch3)
Supply Voltage Range 9 V to 36 V DC (30 W)
Operating Temperature -20 °C to 55 °C
Weight 1.3 kg


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