Gas Detector with Auto Calib (Toxic, Combustible, Oxygen)



GAOTek Gas Detector with Auto Calib continuously monitors single (toxic/combustible/oxygen) gas, supports automatically calibration, zero-set and data store.

Key Features

  • Reliable and durable fixed life by the imported sensor
  • Automatic calibration and zero-set
  • Apparent and Clear Display,displaying real time and battery capacity, low battery indication and automatic turn-off for low voltage
  • Rapid and effective warning with audible alarm, and extremely bright visual light alarm and vibrating alarm as standard.
  • Advanced self-test of complete functions automatically when turned on
  • 1000 record capacity
  • Alarm for sensor failure
  • Password management to avoid wrong operation;
  • Advanced self- calibration for accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Detect gas single gas (Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen)
Accuracy 3% F.S
Response time T90<30s
Operating temperature -22F- 122F (-30 ~ + 50 degree)
Humidity <95%RH non-condensing
Voltage DC3.7V Li-ion battery 1200mAh
Charging time 4h~6h
IP Grade IP66
Weight 0.26lbs(about 120g )
Dimension 4.02in x 2.20in x 1.02in

(102 mm×56mm×26mm)

Duration of operation flammable gas < 8 (non-stopped); toxic gas < 300h (non-stopped)
Indication Large STN  LCD indicates real time and system state
Alarm indication Wide-angled light emitting diode, 85db buzz (the frequency of buzz depends the density),vibrating
Fault indication indications of Zero point drift and sensor failure

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