Multi-Function Gas Detector (5 Gases, Customizable)

GAO Tek Multifunction Gas Detector enables field professionals to detect five gases at a time and is customizable



GAOTek’s Multifunction Gas Detector is a highly durable and well-constructed instrument which can be used to detect instantaneous oxygen, burning gases, and the existence of toxic gases. The device features a rechargeable battery/sensor and a high contrast LCD screen which displays the accumulation of gas concentrations. The gas detection weighs only 0.66 lbs (300 g) and has a flexible configuration which makes them unique and portable. The instrument is designed to run a maximum of 5 gas tests at the same time and can quickly switch to different modes when needed. GAOTek’s Multifunction Gas Detector is fully customizable and can be applied to any application.

Key Features

  • High contrast LCD screen for real-time display
  • Durable (ABS plastic and stainless steel)
  • Battery and sensor can be replaced and calibration at any time
  • Each sensor has two levels of alarm
  • Automatic zero and calibration
  • Full functional self-check
  • Optional data storage, downloadable to a PC

Technical Specifications

Light alarming Two flashing red LED
Screen LCD digital
Since the inspection Automatic self-check function
General technology Shockproof ABS chassis
Temperature -4℉ to +122℉ (-20 ℃ to + 50 ℃)
Humidity range 5%-95% RH (non-condensable)
EMI/RFI 89/336 / EEC EMC standards
Battery 8 to 12 hours
Riot level CSA Class 1,Div .1 Group A,B,C,D ANSI/SA:ISA-S12,13
Size 5.70 x 2.91 x 1.49 in (145 x 74 x 38 mm)
Weight 0.661 lbs. (300g)