Gas Detector for CO/H2S/O2/EX (Two Stage Alarm Level)


Key Features

  • Used original imported sensor. The four sensors can be combined according to customer required gas type.
  • LCD dot matrix display
  • It is able to select gas concentration unit of ppm or mg/m3.
  • Adjustable preset two-stage alarm level.
  • Optional data storage and download function.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery with big capacity which can support a long working period.
  • With a clip in back makes it be easy to carry during working.
  • Packed by a safe and beautiful aluminum alloy box.

Technical Specifications

Operating & Storage Environment Temperature: -20C~55C (-4F~122F)

Humidity: 5%-95% (Relative humidity non-condensing)

Pressure: 95~110kPa

Sampling method Diffusion type
Sensor O2 /H2S / CO: plug-in electrochemical sensor

Combustible gas (LEL): plug-in catalytic combustion sensor

Resolution–++ 0.1%VOL (O2), 1ppm (CO), 0.1ppm (H2S), 1%LEL (EX)
Response time 10s
Display Alphanumeric large LCD displays the real time gas concentration and alarm stage
Weight 0.47lbs  (211g)
Dimensions 4.96in x 2.60in x 1.30in



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