Environmental monitoring refers to the tools and techniques designed to observe an environment, characterize its quality, and establish environmental parameters, for the purpose of accurately quantifying the impact an activity has on an environment. Results are gathered, analyzed statistically, and then published in a risk assessment and environmental monitoring and impact assessment report.

Depending on specific features and functions, GAO Tek’s anemometers are sometimes referred to as Wind speed gauges, Wind velocity sensors, Air flow meters, Wind measurement devices, Wind speed detectors, Breeze gauges, Wind motion sensors, Wind velocity instruments, Air speed anemometers, Wind direction indicators.

GAO Tek’s anemometers have the following applications in environmental monitoring:

  • At GAO Tek, we recognize the significance of accurate wind speed and airflow measurement for understanding atmospheric conditions and their impact on the environment. Our anemometers provide valuable data for meteorological research, air quality assessments, and climate studies.
  • In the realm of environmental monitoring, GAO’s anemometers play a crucial role. We offer advanced wind speed gauges that are deployed in various locations to measure airflow patterns, turbulence, and wind direction. These measurements contribute to the evaluation of air pollution dispersion, urban microclimates, and the dispersion of airborne contaminants.
  • Our commitment to precision ensures that GAO Tek’s anemometers provide reliable data for environmental monitoring applications.
  • By utilizing our wind velocity sensors, researchers and environmental agencies can assess wind patterns’ effects on air quality, greenhouse gas dispersion, and weather phenomena.
  • At GAO Tek, we collaborate with environmental monitoring agencies and research institutions to provide tailored anemometry solutions.
  • Our instruments offer remote data collection capabilities, aiding real-time monitoring and data analysis for informed decision-making.
  • The data collected by our anemometers supports a better understanding of atmospheric dynamics, contributing to more effective environmental policies and strategies.
  • Anemometers from GAO Tek have a significant impact on environmental monitoring efforts. By providing accurate wind speed and airflow data.

We contribute to advancements in meteorology, climate studies, and air quality assessments. Our dedication to innovation and precision makes GAO Tek a trusted partner in environmental monitoring endeavors.

More information on anemometers and their applications in other industries can be found on this page.

Environmental Anemometer

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Environmental Test Instruments| Advanced Testing Equipents

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Complying with Environmental Monitoring Standards

GAO Tek’s anemometers comply or help our customers comply with the environmental monitoring standards such as

  • ISO 7726
  • ASTM E337
  • ISO 15934
  • ISO 9060
  • IEC 61400-12-1
  • ISO 2533
  • ISO 6978
  • ISO 6141
  • ASTM D5096
  • ISO 9835

Complying with Government Regulations

GAO Tek’s anemometers comply or help our customers comply with the U.S. government regulations such as

  • EPA Regulation
  • NOAA Regulation
  • FDA Regulation
  • OSHA Regulation Chemicals in Laboratories
  • FAA Regulation
  • NRC Regulation

GAO Tek’s anemometers comply or help our clients comply with the Canadian regulations such as

  • Environment Canada Regulation
  • NRCan Directive
  • Health Canada Guidelines
  • Transport Canada Regulation
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada Directive
  • ECCC Policy

GAO Tek’s anemometers comply or help our clients comply with the Mexican regulations such as

  • Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transporters (SCT) – Direction General de Aeronautical Civil (DGAC)
  • Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano (SENEAM)
  • Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
  • Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM)
  • Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA)
  • Workplace Safety and Health Regulations

GAO Tek’s anemometers comply or help our clients comply with the European regulations such as

  • European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • Eurocontrol
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • European Environment Agency (EEA)
  • National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) of European Countries
  • Workplace Safety and Health Regulations

Case Studies of Anemometers in Environmental Monitoring

Anemometers are sometimes called as Wind speed gauges, Wind velocity sensors, Air flow meters, Wind measurement devices, Wind speed detectors, Breeze gauges, Wind motion sensors, Wind velocity instruments, Air speed anemometers, Wind direction indicators.

Here are some practical examples of using anemometers in environmental monitoring:

In the Northeast Region of the U.S., an Academic and Research Institution partnered with a local environmental agency to study air quality and urban microclimates. By deploying anemometers across urban and suburban areas, researchers assessed wind patterns’ impact on air pollution dispersion. The study revealed how wind speed and direction influenced the distribution of pollutants, providing valuable insights for urban planning and pollution control strategies.

In the Midwest Region, a renewable energy company utilized anemometers to assess wind resources for potential wind farm locations. By collecting data on wind speed and direction at various heights, they identified optimal sites for wind energy generation. The anemometry study played a crucial role in determining the feasibility and efficiency of wind power projects in the region.

In the South Region, a coastal conservation organization utilized anemometers to monitor wind conditions during hurricanes and tropical storms. By strategically placing anemometers along the coastline, they gathered real-time wind data to better understand storm intensity and track wind patterns. This information assisted in issuing accurate warnings and enhancing disaster preparedness measures.

In the West Region, a forestry research institute employed anemometers to study wildfire behavior and smoke dispersion. By measuring wind patterns and speeds in forested areas, researchers gained insights into how wind influenced fire spread and smoke transport. This data informed fire management strategies and contributed to minimizing environmental and public health impacts.

In Canada, a government agency conducted an anemometry study to assess wind conditions for aviation safety near airports. Anemometers were strategically placed to monitor wind speed and direction, helping pilots and air traffic controllers make informed decisions during takeoff, landing, and taxiing. The study’s results supported safe and efficient air travel operations.

In Mexico, an environmental monitoring organization deployed anemometers to study air circulation patterns in urban areas with high pollution levels. By analyzing wind data alongside air quality measurements, they identified areas where stagnant air contributed to pollution concentration. This insight guided the implementation of targeted air quality improvement strategies.

In Europe, a consortium of research institutions collaborated to study wind patterns over oceans to enhance weather forecasting and climate modeling. Anemometers were placed on research vessels and buoys to gather data on wind speeds and directions in different marine regions. The study’s findings contributed to improved weather prediction models and a better understanding of atmospheric interactions over oceans.

GAO RFID Inc. RFID Hardware a sister company of GAO Tek Inc., is ranked as a top 10 RFID supplier in the world. Its RFID, BLE, and IoT anemometers have also been widely used in environmental monitoring.
RFID Systems By Industry

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Use of Anemometers with Leading Software and Cloud Services in Environmental Monitoring

GAO Tek has used or has facilitated its customers to use GAO’s anemometers with some of the leading software and cloud services in their applications. Examples of such leading software and cloud services include:

  • Wind Monitor Suite
  • Aero Analytics
  • Envi Wind Tools
  • Windflower App
  • AirTrack Software
  • Wind Insight Suite
  • Aero Cloud Connect
  • Wind Data Cloud
  • Overanalyzed Software
  • Air Flow Cloud Services
  • Wind Vision App
  • Aero Analysis Suite
  • Enviro Flow Tools
  • AirTrack Cloud Connect
  • Wind Flow Cloud Services
  • Aero Monitor Suite
  • Wind Insight Cloud Services
  • Envi Track Software
  • Air Data Cloud
  • Aero View Suite

GAO Tek’s anemometers and their applications in other industries are listed on this page.

Environmental Test Instruments

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Environmental Anemometer

Meeting Customers’ Demands

Large Choice of Products

In order to satisfy the diversified needs of their corporate customers, GAO Tek Inc. and its sister company GAO RFID Inc. together offer a wide choice of testing and measurement devices, network products, RFID, BLE, IoT, and drones.

Fast Delivery

To shorten the delivery to our customers, GAO has maintained a large stock of its anemometers and is able to ship overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada, and fast delivery to Mexico and Europe from the nearest warehouse.

Local to Our Customers

We are located in both the U.S. and Canada. We travel to customers’ premises if necessary. Hence, we provide a very strong local support to our customers in North America, particularly the U.S., Canada and Mexico and Europe. Furthermore, we have built partnerships with some integrators, consulting firms and other service providers in different cities to further strengthen our services. Here are some of the service providers in environmental monitoring we have worked with to serve our joint customers:

  • EnviroTech Solutions
  • MonitorIT Services
  • GreenData Integrators
  • EcoSys Tech
  • NatureIT Consulting
  • EnviroPro Solutions
  • GlobeTech Innovations
  • EcoMonitor Systems
  • EarthSys Tech
  • EcoTech Consulting
  • EnviroSense Integrators
  • BioData Solutions
  • EcoInsight Tech
  • EarthTrack Integrations
  • EnviroWise Consulting
  • Ecolink Systems
  • GlobeView Tech
  • EarthFlow Integrators
  • BioTech Consulting
  • EcoWave Solutions

GAO Has Many Customers in environmental monitoring

The anemometers from both GAO Tek Inc. and GAO RFID Inc. have been widely used in environmental monitoring by many customers, including some leading companies. Here is more information on applications of GAO RFID Inc.’s anemometers in environmental monitoring.

Environmental Test Instruments

Environmental Anemometer

Here are some of GAO’s customers in environmental monitoring:

  • Calian Group
  • Prime
  • Global Calibration
  • Mandel
  • CalTek Inc
  • Micro Precision
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • L3Harris WESCAM
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • SpaceX
  • Textron Aviation
  • Airbus Helicopters Mexico
  • Aernnova Mexico
  • Alestis Aerospace Mexico
  • Turbopartes Aero, S.A. de C.V.
  • GE Aviation Mexico
  • Avcorp Industries

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