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Digital LORA LoRaWAN GPRS 4G Tubular Soil Moisture Sensor – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-204
Soil temperature and humidity sensor adopts a non-contact measurement method, which enhances the measurement stability, and the measurement accuracy will not deviate over time.

IOT Smart Solutions LoraWan Open Source Smart Plug Loranwan Socket Energy Monitor – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-209
Wireless meter plug with consumption monitoring for indoor use. It is mainly used to measure electrical power consumption and wireless remote control.

LoRaWAN GPRS Durable Car Smart System Parking Sensor – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-202
Parking lot occupancy sensor incorporates Microwave Radar and Geomagnetic detection. Data is sent to cloud server through built-in NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/ 4G/Cat-M+NB-IoT+GPRS wireless module.

LoRaWAN Humidity and Temperature Terminal Industrial Wireless Module – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-205
Humidity & temperature terminal FST100 series temperature and humidity terminal is a wireless data transmission terminal based on LoRa spread spectrum technology.

LoRaWan Network 8 Years Standby Time for GPS Tracking – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-208
Powerful long standby time gnss tracker, designed for container,trailer,asset tracking, and fleet, logistics management.

Onboard Solar Energy Management System with Wi-Fi – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-203
Chip is already integrated with the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM Cortex MO+ Core) and SX1262.

WiFi 2.4 Ghz Base Station Long Range Electronic Wireless Lorawan Gateway – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-210
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Base Station, an essential component for long-range electronic shelf labels and LoRaWAN gateway systems.

Wireless Transceiver Module LoRa Module Open Band – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LS-201
Wideband transceiver module that works in the 315/433/868/915MHz ISM open band.