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GaoTek 2-axis Gimbal

This drone has GPS, 8K HD camera with 2-axis gimbal professional anti-shake aerial photography, brushless obstacle avoidance with 4 channels.

Gaotek 4k Gps Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-105
This Is New Free Shipping New Drone With 4k Gps Hd 1080p 5g Wi-Fi Quadcopter Flying 20 Minutes Rc Distance And Has Drone Intelligent Return Drone .

Gaotek Aerial Photography

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-104
This Drone Is New Pro Drone With Gps And 4k Hd Camera With Aerial Photography And Has 8k 3-Axis Anti-Shake Gimbal Brushless Motor Obstacle Avoidance Drone.

Gaotek Aerial Vehicle

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-110
The Drone Professionals Brushless Gps Unmanned Aerial Vehicle With Three Axes Pan Tilt Aerial Camera, Flight Duration, 25 Minutes.  

Gaotek Anti-Shake Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-107
The Drone Gps Drone 4k Professional 8k Hd Camera Anti-Shake 3 Axis Gimbal G Wi-Fi Brushless Motor Rc Foldable, Control Channels, 4 Channels.  

Gaotek Anti-Shake Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-102
This Professional Drone With 4k Hd Camera Has 3 Axis Gimbal Anti-Shake With Gps Repeater Brushless Motor Quadcopter Rc Helicopter Toys.  

Gaotek Brushless Rc Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-106
 The Brushless 5g Drone With Wi-Fi Has Gps Rc Drone With Flight Time Of 30 Minutes With 4k Camera Hd Wide Angle, Distance Brushless Drone.

GaoTek BumbleBee Drone

The GaoTek BumbleBee Drone Cine Whoop is a compact and agile 142mm, 3-inch FPV racing drone.

GaoTek Dual Camera Drone

This 4K dual camera drone has GPS return, brushless motor, 3-axis gimbal, optical avoidance, optical flow positioning with lithium battery.

GAOTek Faith Mini

SKU: GAOTek-OSD-112 
This faith mini with 4K HD camera has 3-axis gimbal and comes with foldable brushless motor RC quadcopter with 2.4 G frequency and has 7.7 V battery.

GaoTek Foldable Drone

SKU: GAOTek-OSD-117 
The product is a high-quality 5K RC drone equipped with a 4K GPS professional camera system,

Gaotek Folding Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-108
The Folding Drone Has 4k Ultra Clear Aerial View With Gps Positioning Drone With Real Time Mapping Having Fixed Height, Battery, 3.7 V 1200 Ma.

GaoTek Large Professional Drone

The large professional drone has 2.7K three axis pan tilt with anti-shake camera and brushless drone laser with gesture photography.

GaoTek LED Toy

This RC drone has quadcopter wi-fi with 4K HD camera which allows aerial photography with 6 channels and a charging time of 60 minutes.

GaoTek Obstacle Avoidance Drone

This drone will provide aerial photography and has 4K HD camera providing lossless video with long battery and has a lifetime of 30 minutes.

GaoTek Optical Drone

SKU: GAOTek-OSD-113 
This optical drone has RC GPS drone with 5G wi-fi and 4K Dual HD camera with optical foldable flow quadcopter and has satellite positioning.

Gaotek Pro Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-109
The Pro Drone Has 4k Hd Mechanical 2 Axis Gimbal Camera 5g Wi-Fi Gps System Supports Tf Card Drone Distance, Charging Time, 30 Minutes  .

GaoTek Professional Drone

The 4K pro drone professional HD camera with 3-axis gimbal aerial photography 5G GPS obstacle avoidance with USB type C charging at 5 V.

Gaotek Professional Wide-Angle Drone

SKU: Gaotek-OSD-103
This New Rc Drone Has 4k Professional With 1080p Wide Angle Hd Camera Which Is Foldable And Has Wi-Fi, Frequency, 2.4 G Camera, 1080p Or 4k .  

GaoTek Racing drone

This mini rodeo drone kit with camera is suitable for indoor racing, RC quadcopter and Weight 3.30 lb to 15.4 lb, Control channels, 12 channels and up.