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433/868 MHz or 915 MHz Wireless Meter Reading Wi-Fi LTE GPS LoRaWAN – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-108
LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway for Wireless Meter Reading, 433/868 or 915 MHz, IP67, supports OpenVPN efficiently to achieve data collection, management.

GAOTek LoRa Channel Gateway

GAOTek LoRa channel gateway is a LoRaWAN gateway with 8 channels, and it employs Semtech’s high-performance multi-channel transceiver SX1301/SX1257 operating on the MTK platform.

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hardware and Software

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hardware and Software is specifically designed for the IoT Gateway developer to customize the firmware logics.

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hub

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hub acts as the base station of the LoRaWAN network allowing bidirectional communication between end-user nodes.

GAOTek LoRa Hardware

GAOTek lora hardware is a is an easy installation indoor gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is embedded with Semtech’s high performance multi-channel transceiver SX1308 and MTK platform.

GAOTek LoRa WAN Gateway

GAOTek LoRa WAN gateway is a product featuring high reliability, high performance, and cost-effective.

GAOTek LoRa WAN Indoor Gateway

GAOTek LoRa WAN indoor gateway is a full 8-channel indoor gateway, based on the LoRaWAN protocol, with built-in Ethernet connectivity for a straightforward setup.

GAOTek People Counting AI Workplace Sensor

GAOTek People Counting AI Workplace Sensor monitors occupancy and utilization in various settings with a high recognition rate of up to 95%. It covers a large area, reducing costs, and ensures privacy by transmitting only counter values

Global Outdoor Solar Industrial Enterprise Level IOT WIFI – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-104
Global Outdoor Solar Industrial IoT Gateway with WiFi, GPS, 4G, and LoRaWAN support, designed for enterprise-level applications.

IOT Gateway Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-103
Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway with 11km communication radius, 8 GB Flash, 512 MB RAM, GPS, and 3G/4G/Ethernet connectivity.

IOT Gateway LoRawan Gateway Ip67 – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-105
Our LoRaWAN ecosystem partners include The Things Network (TTN), LORIOT, Ubidots, ChirpStack, IoThink Solutions, Orbiwise, LoRa Alliance and ThingWorx.

LoRa Wireless Network IP Network Wi-Fi and Ethernet – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-106
LoRaWAN to Modbus gateway. It allows you to bridge your LoRa wireless network to an IP network via WiFI, Ethernet or cellular network (via optional 4G module).

LoraWan Gateway Outdoor Long Range Wireless Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-102
Outdoor Long-Range LoRaWAN Gateway with GPS, Wi-Fi management, 32G storage, supporting Class A/B/C, and working frequency EU433.

Multi-protocol Industrial IoT Gateway Linux – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-110
Multi-protocol industrial IoT gateway with Linux, Zigbee, dual LAN ports, Wi-Fi, and ARM Cortex-A7 CPU.

Outdoor Long-Range Wi-Fi 5G Router Industrial Wireless – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-101
Outdoor Long-Range Wi-Fi 5G Router, dual-band Wifi6, POE, OpenWrt, 3 LAN ports, firewall, VPN, 2.4 GHz 600 Mbps + 5 GHz 2400 Mbps.

Outdoor LoRaWAN IP67 Gateway Multiple Frequencies – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-107
Outdoor IP67 LoRaWAN Gateway featuring SX1301 Mini PCIe card, supporting multiple frequencies and PoE power supply.

Smart LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway IOT Wireless Remote Control – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LG-109
LoRaWAN outdoor gateway for remote water, gas, and energy meters. IP67, 433/868/915 MHz, supports OpenVPN. OEM/ODM services.