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Cheapest Semtech SX1262 Lora Module 915mhz – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-202
It has ultra long-range communication transmission and ultra-low power consumption, the current in receive mode is only 4.7 mA, the current under the maximum power in the transmission mode is only 118 mA, and the voltage is 3.1 V.

DN15 Smart Prepaid Ultrasonic Water Meter with Modbus RS485 – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-206
Smart Prepaid Ultrasonic Water Meter with Modbus RS485, IP68 protection, and accurate to level 2. Supports OEM/ODM/OBM, T30 temperature class, MAP16 pressure rating, and E1 electromagnetic level. Ideal for residential and commercial use.

GAOTek LoRa Hardware

GAOTek lora hardware LoRawan temperature and humidity monitoring system smart LoRa gateway.

GAOTek LoRa IoT Sensor

GAOTek LoRa IoT Sensor is part of the LW004-PB with a positioning function.

GAOTek LoRa Magnetic Sensor

GAOTek LoRa Magnetic Sensor is to detect door windows open and closed in security alarm system.

GAOTek LoRa WAN Agriculture Soil Sensors

This LoRa WAN Agriculture Soil Sensors has PH measuring range of 3 PH to 7 PH, supply voltage of 12 V DC to 24 V DC and response time of <1 sec.

GAOTek LoRaWAN IOT Flow Sensor Water Meter

GAOTek LoRa WAN IOT flow sensor water meter is widely used in temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouses, soil, open air environment, plant foliage, grain, and vegetable and fruit storage.

LoRaWAN or NB-IoT Smart Water Meters – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-205
High-performance water meter, made from durable brass, available in 15mm size with G1 B threading.

Lorawan Ultrasonic Water Meter Software dn15 with Valve – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-204
Wireless ultrasonic smart digital water meters offer OEM customized support, available in sizes DN15 to DN25.

ME6001P Battery Powered 4G LoRaWAN – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-201
ME6001P is a highly accurate (±0.5% FS) wireless pressure sensor with a wide range (-100 kPa to 100 MPa), supporting LoRa/LoRaWAN, Zigbee, NB-IoT, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Smart Lorawan Water Meter without PCB Parts – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-208
This high-performance 15mm meter features G1 B threading, operates within temperatures of -20°C to 110°C, and handles nominal pressures of 1.6 MPa.

Smart Water Meter LoRaWan with High Accuracy – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-207
LoRaWAN valve controlled smart water meter is CE, ISO, and MID certified. Designed for pipeline water applications, it features an LCD display, supports cold (1-40 ℃) and hot (0.1-90 ℃) water, and operates in ambient temperatures from 5-55 ℃.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter DN 15 IP68 Wireless – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-209
Ultrasonic water meter, manufactured to the highest standards, features IP68 protection and R160 measuring accuracy.

Wireless LoRaWAN Sigfox Smart Digital Ultrasonic Water Meter – GAOTek

SKU: GAOTek-LD-203
Wireless ultrasonic smart digital water meters feature precise flow rates from 0.003125 m³/h to 5 m³/h, multiple interface options like LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, and a robust IP68 protection.