GAO’s IoT platforms are comprehensive software solutions that streamline the development, deployment, and management of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications. These platforms serve as a foundational layer, facilitating seamless communication, data management, and integration between connected devices and various services. They offer features such as device management for remote provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and updating, ensuring the smooth operation of IoT devices. With robust data management capabilities, including data ingestion, storage, and analytics, IoT platforms enable organizations to derive valuable insights from the vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices, aiding in informed decision-making and operational optimization. Security is paramount, and IoT platforms incorporate advanced security measures to protect devices, data, and communications from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Furthermore, our platforms provide developers with APIs, SDKs, and tools to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications efficiently, fostering innovation and interoperability across the IoT ecosystem. 

Depending on their functions and applications, IoT platforms may also be called: IoT Management Platforms, IoT Integration Platforms, IoT Device Management Solutions, Connected Device Platforms, Internet of Things Management Systems, IoT Application Enablement Platforms, IoT Infrastructure Platforms, IoT Middleware Solutions, IoT Connectivity Platforms, IoT Service Platforms. 

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GAOTek Gateway for Remote Cloud Monitoring

GAOTek gateway for remote cloud monitoring support HTML5 web browser show web configuration pages by any devices no plugins required. It supports more than 248 protocol upload data to cloud server by MQTT and remote monitor, open data interface to third party system integration modular configurability.


This Home IOT WIFI has temperature range of -4 oF to 149 oF, frequency range of 2.40 GHz to 2.48 GHz and scanning range of 1181.10 in.

GAOTek Industrial IOT Lora WAN Gateway

This Industrial IOT Lora WAN Gateway has a temperature range of 32 oF to 131 oF, a LoRa communication of 118110.23 in and a WIFI communication distance of 5118.11 in.

GAOTek Intelligent IOT Gateway

This Intelligent IOT Gateway has a temperature range of -40 oF to 185 oF, DDR 4 ram of 512 MB to 4 GB, audio interface of 0.13 in (3.5 mm).

GAOTek Intelligent IOT Gateway

This Intelligent IOT Gateway has a temperature range of -40 oF to 185 oF, DDR 4 ram of 512 MB to 4 GB, audio interface of 0.13 in (3.5 mm).

GAOTek IoT Asset Tracking with Indoor Positioning

GAOTek IoT Asset Tracking with Indoor Positioning is mainly used for communicating with devices with BLE function, and uploading device data to the cloud, or downloading cloud data to device. this gateway supports cellular (3G or 4G), Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hoppen, or Ethernet network connection.

GAOTek IoT BLE Gateway for Smart Homes

GAOTek IoT BLE gateway for smart homes is a cutting-edge gateway product powered by the Nordic nRF52 chipset. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings to receive signals from Lora wristbands or tags and relay them to the designated server through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

GAOTek IOT Gateway

This IOT Gateway has temperature range of -4 °F to 158 °F, scanning ability of >220 beacons/s, humidity of ≤65% RH and a WIFI range of 3937.00 in

GAOTek IoT Module with Remote Switching

GAOTek IoT module with remote switching is a wireless Internet of things gateway, designed for remote switching ON or OFF relay by Wireless communication over SMS or GPRS or 3G or 4G or NB-IoT Cellular Network, and connect to it. Suitable for gate openers, motors, relays, equipment, pump station, streetlights, and other remote-control applications, etc.

GAOTek IOT Platform Gas Detector

This IOT Platform Gas Detector has temperature range between 14 oF to 122 oF, humidity of ≤95% RH and an average consumption of ≤1.5 W.

GAOTek IOT Platform GPS Tracker

This IOT Platform GPS Tracker has temperature range of -22 oF to 167 oF, working current range of 50 mA to 110 mA, and a quiescent current of 30 mA.

GAOTek IOT Platform Smart Heater

This IOT platform smart heater has a temperature range of 14 oF to 113 oF, input power of 925 W and power supply of 2210 V at 50 Hz.

GAOTek IOT Platform Wireless Water Leak Detector

This IOT Platform Wireless Water Leak Detector has temperature range of 14 oF to 122 oF, humidity range of ≤95% RH and a standby current of ≤10 uA.

GAOTek Mini 4G Car GPS Tracker Platform

This mini 4G Car GPS Tracker Platform has a battery capacity of 150 mAh, voltage supply of 9 V DC to 90 V DC, and battery life of <12 hrs.

GAOTek Open-Source Multi-Protocol IoT Gateway

GAOTek open-source multi-protocol IoT gateway is a BLE to Wi-Fi gateway and bridge.

GAOTek People Counting AI Workplace Sensor

GAOTek People Counting AI Workplace Sensor monitors occupancy and utilization in various settings with a high recognition rate of up to 95%. It covers a large area, reducing costs, and ensures privacy by transmitting only counter values

GAOTek Programmable BLE 5.0 Indoor Tracking Beacon

GAOTek Programmable BLE 5.0 Indoor Tracking Beacon comes with accessories for easy installation and features a built-in button for powering on. It’s programmable and allows customization of various parameters.

GAOTek Smart IOT Platform Wireless Communication Alarm Security Systems

This Smart IOT Platform has a temperature range of 14 oF to 122 oF, humidity range of <90% RH and a wireless distance of 3149.60 in.

GAOTek Sound Sensor Maintenance Monitoring

This Sound Sensor Maintenance Monitoring has a power supply of 6800 mAh, a sensitivity of 1 kHz, and a current consumption of >5 mA.

GAOTek ZigBee Coordinator USB Dongle

GAOTek ZigBee coordinator USB dongle is ZigBee 3.0 compliant and can function as a coordinator or router for managing various devices, including CC2530, CC2531, nRF52840, EFR32MG21, etc.

 GAO’s IoT platforms are composed of: 

  • Device Management 
  • Connectivity Management 
  • Data Ingestion and Storage 
  • Data Analytics and Insights 
  • Security and Identity Management 
  • Application Enablement 
  • Integration and Interoperability 


GAO Tek’s IoT platforms have the following functions: 

  • Device Management: Our IoT platforms enable the provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and updating of IoT devices remotely. This ensures efficient device lifecycle management, including onboarding, maintenance, and decommissioning. 
  • Connectivity Management: They facilitate the management of connectivity between devices and networks, supporting various communication protocols and handling device authentication, data encryption, and network optimization. 
  • Data Ingestion and Storage: IoT platforms collect data from IoT devices and securely store it, providing features for data preprocessing, normalization, and aggregation, as well as support for scalable storage solutions like databases and cloud storage services. 
  • Data Analytics and Insights: These platforms offer tools for analyzing IoT data to derive actionable insights, including real-time analytics for immediate decision-making and batch processing and machine learning algorithms for deeper analysis and predictive modeling. 
  • Security and Identity Management: Security is paramount in IoT platforms, encompassing features such as authentication, authorization, encryption, and threat detection to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of IoT data and communications. 
  • Application Enablement: GAO Tek IoT platforms provide APIs, SDKs, and development tools for building, deploying, and managing IoT applications, including support for application integration, workflow automation, and custom dashboard creation. 
  • Integration and Interoperability: They enable seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and third-party services, supporting standards-based interoperability protocols and pre-built connectors for popular IoT devices and services. 


GAO Tek’s IoT Platforms are rugged, versatile devices. They comply with applicable industry standards such as: 

  • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) 
  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) 
  • CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) 
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) 
  • OAuth (Open Authorization) 
  • OpenID Connect 
  • ISO/IEC 27001 


Our IoT Platforms help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework 
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) 
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Regulations 
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines 
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection 


Our IoT Platforms help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) 
  • Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) 
  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) Guidelines 
  • Radio Equipment Standards and Certification Regulations 
  • Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) 
  • Telecommunications Act 
  • Cybersecurity Frameworks and Guidelines 


Our IoT Platforms, also called, IoT Management Platforms, IoT Integration Platforms, IoT Device Management Solutions, Connected Device Platforms, Internet of Things Management Systems, IoT Application Enablement Platforms, IoT Infrastructure Platforms, IoT Middleware Solutions, IoT Connectivity Platforms, and IoT Service Platforms have the following applications: 

  • Smart Home Automation: GAO IoT platforms enable the integration and control of smart home devices such as thermostats, lights, security cameras, and appliances. Users can remotely monitor and manage their home environment through a centralized platform, enhancing convenience, energy efficiency, and security. 
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT): In industrial settings, our IoT platforms facilitate the monitoring and optimization of equipment, processes, and assets. They enable predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring of production lines, asset tracking, and inventory management, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime. 
  • Smart Cities: IoT platforms play a crucial role in building smart city infrastructures by connecting various IoT devices and sensors deployed across urban areas. They enable applications such as smart parking, traffic management, waste management, environmental monitoring, and public safety, enhancing the quality of life for citizens and optimizing city operations. 
  • Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, GAO Tek IoT platforms facilitate remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and personalized healthcare solutions. They enable the collection and analysis of health data from wearable devices, medical sensors, and electronic health records, supporting preventive care, chronic disease management, and healthcare delivery optimization. 
  • Agriculture: IoT platforms are used in precision agriculture to monitor and optimize crop cultivation, irrigation, and livestock management. They enable farmers to collect data from sensors deployed in fields, greenhouses, and livestock facilities, helping them make data-driven decisions to improve crop yields, reduce water usage, and enhance farm productivity. 
  • Retail: In retail environments, our IoT platforms support various applications such as inventory management, supply chain optimization, and personalized customer experiences. They enable retailers to track inventory levels, analyze customer behavior, and deliver targeted promotions and recommendations based on real-time data insights. 
  • Energy Management: IoT platforms are deployed in energy management systems to monitor and control energy consumption in buildings, factories, and utilities. They enable demand response, energy efficiency optimization, and renewable energy integration, helping organizations reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. 
  • Transportation and Logistics: GAO’s IoT platforms play a crucial role in transportation and logistics by enabling fleet management, asset tracking, and supply chain visibility. They enable real-time monitoring of vehicles, shipments, and logistics operations, optimizing route planning, delivery scheduling, and asset utilization. 


More detailed information on such applications in various industries can be found: 


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All IoT products, including RFID products, are offered by GAO RFID Inc. and GAO Tek Inc., members of GAO Group, with the same SKU but a different pre-fix. Furthermore, GAO RFID Inc. offers comprehensive RFID, IoT & drone software, systems, and solutions. 


Our IoT Platforms can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada from a nearby warehouse in U.S. or Canada, and can also be shipped globally.