GAO’s Long-Range Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) specifically designed to operate over vast distances, often exceeding the capabilities of traditional drones. These drones are equipped with advanced technology and capabilities that enable them to fly for extended periods and cover large areas without the need for frequent refuelling or battery changes. 

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GAOTek 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Drone

This 3-axis gimbal GPS drone has lens of 110degree adjusted by controller, motor is brushless power, and battery for controller of 3.7 V 350 Mah.

GAOTek Agricultural Drone Frame

This Agricultural Drone Frame has a long version single nozzle 1.5, wheelbase of 1172 mm, and battery of Zenfon 12S 8000 Mah battery.

GaoTek Agriculture Drone

This agriculture drone has material of wood, capacity of 0.13 ga (0.5 L) and tank capacity of 26.42 ga (100 L) with long range remote control.

GAOTek Amiqi Four-Wing Remote

This Amiqi Four-Wing Remote has video resolution of Front Lens which has 2048 x 1080P, and frequency of 2.4 GHz.

GAOTek Autel Robotics EVO

This Autel Robotics EVO has Max Level Flight speed, Max level flight speed on wind near sea level, Max takes off Altitude, Max Ascent speed.

GAOTek Brushless Motor Long Range Drone

FIMI X8SE V2 Professional Drone with Camera is the perfect choice for capturing stunning HD video and 4K images from long distances. With its long-range brushless motors, you can fly farther and capture more.

GAOTek Camera Brushless Motor

This Camera Brushless Motor360° has image capture resolution of 4K, image transmission distance of 1.24 mi, and maximum flight time of 22 mins.

GAOTek Camera FPV Professional Drone Long Range

Technical Specification Function Altitude Hold Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote

GAOTek Camera RC Drones

This Camera RC drones camera of 4K Ultra HD Camera, it has a private Mold, image transmission distance of 2.48 mi (4 km), and fly time is 30min.

GAOTek Carbon Fiber 10 Inch Racing FPV

This Carbon Fiber 10 Inch Racing FPV has structure of X type, flight control installation hole distance, motor mounting hole, top plate thickness.

GAOTek Carbon Fiber Long Range Drone

Take your aerial video recordings to the next level with the Professional Drone 8K Video! Get amazing, crystal-clear footage with the latest in drone technology.  

GAOTek Cheap Medical Delivery Drone

This cheap medical delivery drone has protection of IP54, maximum horizontal flight speed 49.21 f/s(15m/s), maximum descending speed of 9.84f/s.

GAOTek Combo Version GPS Drone

This Combo Version GPS Drone has maximum current, maximum current of 32 A, and motor external brushless motor 1816 KV, flying time.

GAOTek Delivery UAV Drone

This delivery drone has an image transmission distance of 3.10 miles (5 km), 4K UHD, intelligent power supply and remote controlled.

GAOTek Drones FPV And GPS Obstacle Motors Long Range Professional Drones

This fvp obstacle drone has control distance of 16404 ft (5000 m), endurance time of 20 min, battery of 2500 mAh and 8K hd pixels.

GAOTek Flying Mini Long Range Remote Control Selfie Photography Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-152
This drone is equipped with a brushless motor and GPS navigation system. It also has a 6-axis gyroscope for stable aerial photography and videography.

GAOTek FPV 4-axis Trainer Drone

This axis trainer drone has max transmission distance of 12.42 mi (20 km), flying speed of 39.37 ft / s (12 m / s) and cruising speed of 6 h to 20 h.

GAOTek FPV 4-axis Trainer Drone

This axis trainer drone has max transmission distance of 12.42 mi (20 km), flying speed of 39.37 ft / s (12 m / s) and cruising speed of 6 h to 20 h.

GAOTek FPV Professional Drone

This FPV professional drone has function of Compact Folding Mini Photo/Video Drone with GPS/Brushless motors, HD camera with motorized 90⁰ adjustment.

GAOTek FPV Quadcopter Long Range Drone

This FVP drone has battery of 7.4 V 3000 mAh, flying distance of 16404 ft (5000 m), charging time of about 100 min and flght time of 35 min.

GAOTek FPV Quadcopter Long Range Drone

This FVP drone features 8K camera has image transmission distance of 3280 ft (1000 m), flight range of 9842 ft (3000 m) and 5G speed.

GAOTek FVP Drone

This fvp drone has tank capacity of 2.64 ga (10 L), long range control, camera and with waterproof body frame.

GAOTek Gimbal Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter Drone

Explore our Gimbal Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter Drone which offer safe exploration with precision navigation, camera-equipped, remote & app control.

GAOTek Global Drone GD96

This Global Drone has battery of 11.4V/3000 mAh , flying time of bout 30 minutes, control distance of 2.17 mi to 2.48 mi (3.5-4km), charging time.

Key features of Long-Range Drones include: 

  • Extended Flight Range: GAO’s long-range drones are designed to fly over long distances without the need for frequent recharging or refuelling. They often feature powerful batteries or fuel-efficient engines that enable them to cover significant distances. 
  • Advanced Navigation Systems: GAO Tek’s ensure accurate navigation over extended distances, long-range drones are equipped with advanced GPS systems, inertial navigation systems (INS), and sometimes even satellite communication capabilities for real-time positioning and route adjustments. 
  • Payload Capacity: Our Long-range drones often have a higher payload capacity compared to smaller drones, allowing them to carry additional equipment such as high-resolution cameras, sensors, or even cargo for delivery purposes. 
  • Autonomy and Automation: GAO Tek’s these drones may feature sophisticated autonomous flight capabilities, including waypoint navigation, automatic take-off and landing, and obstacle avoidance systems. These features reduce the need for constant manual control, making long-range missions more feasible. 
  • Communication Range:  GAO Tek long-range drones require robust communication systems to maintain connectivity with the operator or ground control station over extended distances. They may utilize long-range radio systems, satellite communication links, or other technologies to ensure reliable data transmission. 
  • Endurance: We unlike shorter-range drones that may only remain airborne for a limited time, long-range drones are built for endurance. They are designed to operate for extended periods, sometimes up to several hours or even days, depending on the mission requirements and power source. 
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: GAO Tek’s long-range drones are often built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including strong winds, rain, and temperature variations. They may feature ruggedized designs, protective coatings, or sealed compartments to ensure reliability during long-distance flights. 
  • Security Features: We given their potential to operate over vast territories or sensitive areas, our long-range drones may incorporate security features such as encryption for data transmission, anti-tamper mechanisms, ours geofencing to prevent unauthorized access to restricted airspace. 


Depending on their functions and applications, Long-Range Drones may also be called Self-piloting UAVs, Intelligent Aerial Systems, Automated Flying Platforms, Smart Drones and Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs). 


GAO’s Long-Range Drones are composed of the following components: 

  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) 
  • RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) 
  • MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) 
  • HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites) 
  • UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles) 
  • ISR Drones (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) 
  • Strategic Drones 
  • Persistent Drones 
  • Global Hawks 
  • Scout Drones 


GAO Tek’s Long-Range Drones have the following functions:  

  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance: GAO long-range drones are often used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, providing real-time monitoring of large areas. They can be equipped with high-resolution cameras, thermal imaging sensors, and other advanced technologies to gather intelligence. 
  • Mapping and Surveying: GAO’s these drones are utilized for mapping and surveying large geographical areas, including landscapes, construction sites, agricultural fields, and infrastructure projects. They can capture detailed imagery and data for creating accurate maps and 3D models. 
  • Search and Rescue: GAO Tek long-range drones play a crucial role in search and rescue operations, particularly in remote or inaccessible areas. Equipped with thermal cameras and other sensors, they can locate missing persons or identify survivors in disaster zones. 
  • Environmental Monitoring: Our Long-range drones are deployed for environmental monitoring tasks such as wildlife tracking, habitat assessment, GAO Tek pollution detection, and natural resource management. They can cover vast areas more efficiently than ground-based methods. 
  • Border Patrol and Law Enforcement: We law enforcement agencies and border security units use long-range drones to patrol borders, monitor sensitive areas and conduct surveillance operations. These drones enhance situational awareness and aid in detecting illegal activities. 
  • Infrastructure Inspection: GAO Tek's Long-range drones are employed for inspecting critical infrastructure such as bridges, power lines, pipelines, and wind turbines. We they can access hard-to-reach locations and capture high-resolution imagery for assessing structural integrity and identifying potential issues. 
  • Disaster Response: Ours during natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, or wildfires, our long-range drones assist emergency responders in assessing damage, identifying hazards, and coordinating rescue efforts. Ours provide valuable aerial insights without putting human responders at risk. 
  • Delivery Services: GAO in the commercial sector, long-range drones are being explored for delivering goods and supplies to remote locations. Companies are experimenting with drone delivery services for medical supplies, food, and other essential items, especially in areas with limited infrastructure. 


GAO Tek’s Long-Range Drones are rugged and versatile aerial platforms. They comply with applicable industry standards such as: 

  • ISO 21384 - Unmanned aircraft systems - Part 2: Product systems requirements 
  • FAA Part 107 (in the United States) 
  • European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations (in Europe) 
  • ASTM International Standards for Drones 
  • Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards 
  • Battery Safety Standards 
  • Payload-specific Standards 


Our Long-Range Drones help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • Operational Requirements 
  • Safety Standards 
  • Navigation and Communication 
  • Air Traffic Control Procedures 
  • Security Measures 
  • Environmental Regulations 


Our Long-Range Drones help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Transport Canada Regulations 
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) Regulations 
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) Regulations 
  • Environmental Regulations 
  • Customs and Immigration Regulations 
  • Safety Regulations 
  • Security Regulations 
  • Labor Regulations 
  • Accessibility Regulations 


Our Long-Range Drones are also called Self-piloting UAVs, Intelligent Aerial Systems, Automated Flying Platforms, Smart Drones, Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs) and Long-Range Drones have the following applications: 

  • Agriculture: GAO Tek in agriculture, long-range drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and multispectral sensors enable farmers to monitor crop health, identify pest infestations, and optimize irrigation patterns across extensive farmlands. They provide crucial data for precision agriculture, allowing farmers to make informed decisions that improve yield and reduce resource usage. 
  • Infrastructure Inspection: GAO’s long-range drones infrastructure inspection, such as pipelines, power lines, and bridges, often spans large geographic areas that are difficult to access by conventional means. Long-range drones equipped with specialized sensors and imaging technology can efficiently inspect infrastructure for signs of wear, damage, or potential hazards, enhancing safety and reliability. 
  • Environmental Monitoring: Ours environmental scientists and conservationists utilize long-range drones to monitor ecosystems, track wildlife populations, and assess the impact of human activities on natural habitats. These drones can cover vast areas of remote terrain, providing valuable data for research and conservation efforts. 
  • Search and Rescue: We long-range drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras and advanced search algorithms are invaluable tools for search and rescue operations. They can cover extensive areas quickly, locate missing persons or survivors in remote or hazardous environments, and provide real-time situational awareness to rescue teams. 
  • Mapping and Surveying: GAO’s Surveyors and cartographers rely on long-range drones to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and generate accurate 3D maps of terrain and infrastructure. These drones offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional surveying methods, particularly in rugged or inaccessible areas. 
  • Security and Law Enforcement: GAO Tek Security agencies and law enforcement use long-range drones for aerial surveillance, border patrol, and monitoring of critical infrastructure. Equipped with advanced sensors and video analytics, these drones enhance situational awareness, facilitate rapid response to security threats, and aid in crime prevention and investigation.
  • Disaster Response: Our drones during natural disasters or humanitarian crises, long-range drones play a crucial role in assessing damage, coordinating rescue efforts, and delivering essential supplies to affected areas. Their ability to cover large areas quickly and gather real-time data helps emergency responders prioritize resources and save lives. 


More detailed information on such applications in various industries can be found on drones use by industry 

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Our Long-Range Drones can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada from a nearby warehouse in U.S. or Canada and can also be shipped globally. 


All drones are offered by GAO RFID Inc. and GAO Tek Inc., members of GAO Group, with the same SKU but a different pre-fix. Furthermore, GAO RFID Inc. offers comprehensive RFID, IoT & drone software, systems, and solutions.