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ID: 211014tek

This simple and easy-to-use time recorder utilizes RFID technology to allow for quick user registration.

ID: 211013tek

This 125 kHz RFID reader is a stylish, reliable proximity reader.

ID: 211006tek

This compact mid-range reader features multiple interfaces including Wiegand, magnetic stripe and RS-232 serial ASCII output

ID: 211005tek

Access Control, Parking Systems, through Wall reading

ID: 211002tek

Access Control Reader Wiegand format

ID: 221008tek

The powerful read/write device is well-suited for applications such as guard tour monitoring systems, goods delivery and more.

ID: 221006tek

The Patrol Tour Data Collection Terminal stores the ID-codes of RFID tags in a journal memory, together with a Date/Time Stamp.

ID: 221005tek

With this highly reliable design, users can easily carry this handheld reader for various purposes such as security tour, logistic, ticketing, etc.

ID: 221002tek

Logistics, Field RFID Identification, Time and Attendance

ID: 221001tek

Logistics, Security ID Verification, Time and Attendance

ID: 211024tek

This standalone keypad access control reader utilizes metal structure and rain resistant design and is well-suited for use in outdoor environments.

ID: 211023tek

This long range card reader is fully compliant with ISO18000 standard and is able to read EM4001 compatible format ID cards.

ID: 211021tek

This plug and play 32 bit ARM7 Flash programmable reader boasts both Magnetic and RFID reader functions.

ID: 211020tek

The RIFD reader performs inductive card-reading with a response time of less than 0.1 s.

ID: 211019tek

This guard patrol reader is widely used in applications where frequency, time management and staff responsibility is require.

ID: 211017tek

This RFID access control terminal has several installation configurations, different modes of operation and numerous programmable options.

ID: 211016tek

The 125 kHz long range RFID reader provides a read range of up to 60 cm. It can be configured to provide many interface formats.

ID: 227004tek

This RFID reader enables long range localization in both indoor and outdoor environments.

ID: 227003tek

This advanced RFID reader provides highly accurate, real-time data collection with minimal human intervention.

ID: 227002tek

This integrated RFID mobile reader enables highly accurate, real-time data collection with minimal human intervention in wireless applications.

ID: 217009tek

The RFID sensor reader enables long-range localization in both indoor and outdoor environments.

ID: 214017tek

This fixed long range interrogator is based on ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard and can be easily integrated into advanced information systems.