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GAO Tek presents a large collection of fiber optic products that meet the needs of different industries. Besides OTDR’s, locators, splicers, meters, sources, attenuators, switches, and converters, we offer a selection of optical talk sets. GAO Tek’s multi-function optical talk sets are design to meet technicians and field professionals communication needs when testing multimode or single-mode fiber optic cables. Our optical talk test product is able to coordinate elements of both computerized optical telephones and balanced out the light source in one unit.


Fiber optic talk sets are devices with an ideal design for communication solutions in locations without cell phone coverage and for secure locations that restrict or prohibit cell phone use. Multifunction optical talk sets enable clear and long distance telephony on single optical fiber. They are featured a with laser source and optical power meter for loss test. Multifunction optical talk sets are reliable toolsets for challenging environments.


GAO Tek’s fiber optical talk sets are rugged and provide high-quality voice communication over a single fiber. The hands-free operations are convenient and simple of these talk sets, just press the talk button to send or receive a call. Furthermore, they have fully-duplex digital voice communication and they are not affected by distance. These talk sets are provided with stabilized light source and are stable in time and temperature.

Applications and Industries

These optical talk sets are widely used in the installation, optical testing, and maintenance and fiber attenuation value testing in data, CATV, and telecommunication networks. Other applications for these devices include voice communication over optical fiber links, testing schedule not impacted by cell phone coverage, military, and other secure locations.


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