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8 Channel Color Video Quad Processor for Many Applications

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its 8 channel color video quad processor. It is suitable for many applications such as security surveillance, industrial monitoring, video entertainment, multimedia applications and video preview applications where multiple images are required in a limited space.

This high performance 8 channel color video quad processor, model A0410005, provides 8 CH video, 1 CH DVR and 2 CH alarm input and 1CH video and VCR and alarm output. It features dual-mode automatic switching PAL/NTSC standard, full-screen real-time display, built-in OSD, clock and color off channel function. The video quad processor includes such alarm modes as video loss alarm, video motion alarm and external alarm. The alarm duration is programmable from 2 to 999 seconds.

This video quad processor provides high-quality split screen output for real-time multiple video channel display, live monitoring or recording purposes. It also delivers high resolution pictures with broadcast quality and has a built in date and time stamp generator. It offers video standard of 50 f/s in PAL mode and 60 f/s in NTSC mode. In addition, it can work perfectly under the power of 12 V DC.

This 8 channel color video quad processor belongs to GAO’s family of Quad Processor & Video Multiplexer. This line also contains other featured processors which can be used in different occasions. One is 16 Channel, Real Time Color Video Multiplexer which is designed to transfer recordings of signals from multiple security cameras onto one cassette and can handle several video signals at one time and splits a monitor into various display areas. Another one is 9 Channel Real Time Color Video Multiplexer which is widely used in security monitoring, highway monitoring, toll station video surveillance system, industrial closed circuit television surveillance and high quality video conferencing.

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