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Cable and Antenna Analyzer for Wireless Communication and Broadcasting Market

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. recommends its portable cable and antenna analyzer which is perfect for the wireless communication and broadcasting market. With this advanced cable and antenna analyzer, technical personnel can quickly and precisely assess the status of cable and antenna systems.

This rugged multi-function cable and antenna analyzer, model A0070006, operates over a frequency range from 25 to 6000 MHz. It utilizes FDR technology and covers a wide range of measurement functions. It measures voltage standing wave ratio, return loss, cable loss, system impedance, DTF and 2-port transmission.

The handheld cable and antenna analyzer features simple operation, fast measurement speed, accurate measurement, and long battery life making the analyzer an excellent choice for field engineers and technicians. Its multi-function capabilities eliminate the need to carry multiple instruments. It also provides an optional 3 GHz spectrum analyzer which can also be configured as an interference analyzer, power meter and field strength meter.

The high performance portable cable and antenna analyzer belongs to GAO’s family of Other Testers. This line also has other featured products including Portable High Performance Spectrum Analyzer well suited for 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, Internet of Things, radio and television signal testing; Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Analyzer which uses locked–phase local and all–digitized medium frequency processing technologies; and Multi-Functional Handheld Industrial PDA Terminal which is based on current telecommunication installation and maintenance requirements to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of field technicians.

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