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Handheld Network Tester/Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. has rolled out its handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester for Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive testing. It is well suited for the installation and maintenance of 10M/100M/1000M.

The portable Gigabit Ethernet tester, model A0060001, performs full RFC2544 benchmark testing of throughput, frame loss rate and latency. It tests connectivity and termination mode and identifies short circuits, open circuits, cable length. It analyzes frame length, frame type and used ratio status. The network tester provides test tools including port positioning, packet capture, and loopback. It also has single and multiple site traffic generation functions. It is also capable of data packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and BER testing of layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, and RFC-2544. It helps the front-line field worker analyze network quality and rapidly locates faults.

This handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester has a large memory capacity for storage of settings and test data. It offers a USB drive for data exchange and software for data management. The tester is compliant with IEEE802.3, RFC1242 and RFC2544 standards and can be upgraded via the included software.

This handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester belongs to GAO’s family of Telecom Tester and Analyzers. This category offers a suite of high quality, yet affordable telecom test instruments such as E1 BER Tester, ADSL tester, Datacom Analyzer, E1 Service Tester,and E1 / Datacom Tester .

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