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How Are Optical Power Meters Becoming Smarter?

Growth in the telecommunication industry has increased the demand for the highly accurate optical power meter, an innovative technology that improves connectivity and addresses the budding need for analysis that is in real time.

Today’s technological developments in network infrastructure demands manufacturers to engineer equipments to endure outside plant environments, and feature intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. In a nutshell, they need to be faster, advanced and smarter.

The Optical Power Meter (OPM) serves as a convenient tool for research & development, manufacture, and maintenance of equipment that have laser light sources. A standard optical power meter has maximum flexibility to handle all different types of detectors. A powerful processor, high-tech digital board and a low noise analog design allows high-level of sensitivity which was earlier not possible.

The rising complexity of end-user technologies has invigorated the global market, resulting in a new generation of OPMs that are not only high performing, but also scalable. These devices are capable of testing for different standards including global system for mobile communication (GSM), general packet radio service (GPRS), wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) and Long-term Evolution (LTE).

To keep pace with the end-user markets, test vendors have to shift to software upgradeable instruments; offer predictive analytics, big data analytics, virtualized testing, and adopt new business models such as software- as-a-service. These improvements will help them differentiate themselves in a market that is rapidly being characterized by the commoditization of hardware and the increased data availability

Moreover, growing safety concerns coupled with environmental requirements, device accuracy for accurate detection and inspection of errors, and the increased applications of automation application are some of the factors that are triggering the growth of optical power meter market in the coming years.

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